The Flooring Future is Bright for SPF Construction

There are milestones in every life that can change the course of our future. Overcoming them is proof of hard work, tireless dedication and finding your perfect niche. For Pavel Siumbeli, the road to business owner of SPF Construction, a flooring company in the South Sound area, granted him insight into his chosen industry and skill installing flooring and other materials. His hard work can make your first, next or forever home a real dream come true.

SPF Construction
SPF Construction owner Pavel Siumbeli puts his knowledge and experience to work on your home or business’s flooring needs. Photo courtesy: SPF Construction

Building SPF Construction from the Ground Up

Siumbeli started installing flooring when he moved to the United States in 2005. “An opportunity came along to work, so I took it up installing hardwoods,” he explains. “I became proficient and kept at it, learning more and more. Then I started doing other things as need arose, such as removing and reinstalling toilets along the way, installing baseboards, repairing and leveling subfloors and more. I naturally grew into the trade. It is instantly satisfying as you literally transform a house, and you see the result immediately.”

After working under other contractors for more than a decade, Siumbeli opened his own business in 2018. Today, he has clients from King to Grays Harbor counties and everywhere in between. When a new client calls for a consultation, Siumbeli starts by asking about their flooring choices.

He then arranges for an in-person visit to provide an accurate estimate. “I will bring a ton of samples for them to choose from,” he says, “Or if they have already purchased flooring or want to buy materials elsewhere, that’s fine, they are not required to buy from me and can just contract me for installation services.”

SPF Construction
From hardwood to carpet, laminate to vinyl plank, SPF Construction will make sure it’s installed properly and gives your home a much-needed refresh. Photo courtesy: SPF Construction

SPF Construction Stays Up on Trends in the Flooring Market

Over the years, Siumbeli has seen many changes and watched individual preferences come and go. “What I noticed being the trend lately is wood-colored floors coming back in style. It used to be where people wanted gray and lighter colors. Now, however, what I see is a lot of wood colors coming back in. However, nowadays, it’s not only hardwood, you can achieve a wood look that’s much harder and sturdier, more water-resistant or waterproof, with materials like luxury vinyl plank or waterproof laminate like the Mohawk Premier line of laminates.”

Better Homes & Gardens editors agree. They show that lighter stained wood or engineered wood products top the list of 2023’s flooring trends. Not far behind is flooring with patterns or textural interest. Siumbeli has worked with gorgeous, organic-looking solid maple hardwood and a two-tone solid hickory that fits the bill. Both provide a splash of natural color and visual interest without looking artificial or overly bright.

He also appreciates how technology in fabrication has come a long way. “While there are some floors that work better in certain areas or on certain subfloors,” says Siumbeli, “I think mostly it depends on lifestyles such as kids or pets, or if it’s a high-traffic commercial area such as a shopping store or a gas station.”

SPF Construction
From King to Thurston Counties, if your honey-do list includes a home makeover, call SPF Construction today. Photo courtesy: SPF Construction

Hiring a Local Pro Makes All the Difference in Home Improvement

Putting in a new floor requires precision and finesse. “What people might not know is that you must have what’s called expansion and contraction gaps all around the perimeters of the floors, therefore, baseboards are required,” Siumbeli explains. “If there is no gap, your floors could buckle.”

Leveling subfloors is also important, he says. “But making sure that there is an appropriate subfloor is absolutely essential. For example, you cannot install solid or engineered hardwoods on top of particle board subfloor, you must have OSB or plywood. Also, to extend the life of the floor, you must ensure that the crawl space, if there is one, has a vapor barrier installed prior to floors being installed.”

With his expertise, Siumbeli can also manufacture stairs steps from the same flooring to make one perfect seamless transition into the stairway or provide free materials delivery for his local clients. Depending on the workload and time of year, SPF Construction typically books between two to six weeks out, and he’s always happy to answer questions or provide advice about which products work best for your home, family or business.

To contact SPF Construction, call 253.205.7690 or email  There are photos of recent jobs posted to Facebook with descriptions and vendor information and additional images, and glowing reviews on Yelp. Give your home a flooring facelift today thanks to the hard work of owner Pavel Siumbeli.


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