A lot of care and attention is given to the inside of a home or office, but the exterior of the building also contributes to a certain feel, message and lifestyle. Outdoor architectural design can be quite complex and costly, so it is important to work with a team you trust to help make your dreams a reality. SCJ Alliance has an experienced team of landscape architects committed to the highest level of service through holistic design and in-depth knowledge of safety and practicality. Before tackling your next backyard redesign or commercial project, connect with SCJ Alliance to get their guidance and make the most of your investment.

Landscape Architect SCJ Alliance
With years of experience and knowledge, SCJ Alliance can help you bring your vision to life through thoughtful design. Photo courtesy: SCJ Alliance

Landscape Architecture Design Centered Around You

Your home or business is very personal to you, and you likely have certain ideas in mind when you consider remodeling or redesigning your outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a few new plants to spruce things up or mocking up an amazing entertainment space outside your back door, SCJ Alliance can work with you on a design you will love.

“We design anything and everything in your outdoor environment,” says Principal Landscape Architect Jeff Glander. “We start by getting an understanding of your lifestyle, the site and the existing architecture. That way, we can establish a design program that fits your needs and your physical space.”

Landscape Architect SCJ Alliance
SCJ Alliance is committed to working with each homeowner on their unique site, limits, budget, and desires. Photo credit: Miranda Estes Photography

Additionally, design is very subjective to each individual person, so SCJ Alliance can come in to help everyone get on the same page with the project. Whether it’s a senior housing community with a board of directors or a husband and wife, each person is going to come to the table with their own ideas. “Sometimes people don’t know how to convey to each other what they want, so if we can get it down on paper and explain the iterations and alternatives, it really helps them find what they agree on much quicker,” shares Landscape Architect & Project Manager Sydney Janecek.

The SCJ Alliance team is committed to giving everyone what they are looking for in their landscape project, making the process smoother and simpler for all involved parties. Even for experienced contractors, having a landscape plan can make all the difference in getting the finished project their client has been dreaming of. With the expertise and help of SCJ Alliance landscape architects, you can collaborate on design plans that will transform your outdoor living.

SCJ Alliance Plans Ahead with Safe and Feasible Designs

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning big alterations and improvements, but before you get too far down that road, it is critical to have the area evaluated. SCJ Alliance comes out personally to scope out the outdoor spaces and compares this to the wish list to see what is and isn’t feasible. This can help immensely in making the most of your money to help avoid potential pitfalls in the construction process. “The rule of thumb for the cost of landscape improvements is 10% of the value of your property, but it often takes more than that these days” explains Jeff. “This can easily get to $100,000 depending on your home, which is all the more reason to have a good landscape plan.”

Landscape Architect SCJ Alliance
A landscape architect can help you turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary. Photo courtesy: SCJ Alliance

Beyond feasibility, SCJ Alliance also considers practicality and safety. Some ideas may seem great at first look, but when considering the logistics of cost and installation, it may not always pan out the way we hope. The landscape architecture team is able to think critically about potential obstacles and limitations to ensure your project can be completed successfully without getting backtracked along the way. They are deeply committed to finding solutions that will be safe long-term, especially when it comes to fire safety.

“Being fire-wise is a big issue today with the new prevalence of wildfires and their catastrophic impact,” shares Principal Landscape Architect Chris Overdorf. “This involves understanding what plants are onsite and which ones can be recommended. Some species of plants are called matchsticks because of their high resin count, which could mean disaster for your home if you have these plants on your property.”

Landscape Architect SCJ Alliance
Plant placement, walkway design, and more can all be made easy by working with landscape architects at SCJ Alliance. Photo courtesy: SCJ Alliance

Another element of fire-wise design is the proximity of plants to the home or other structures. SCJ Alliance landscape architects agree that a 20-foot gap between any buildings and plants is critical to keep potential fires from jumping to your home or business. “Plant selection and spacing are key factors, even with the plants themselves,” Sydney says. “We work to create a defensive zone around the house, which won’t make your home fireproof but can help buy you some time in the event of a fire.” While this isn’t a requirement of most counties or homeowners’ associations, SCJ Alliance is very conscious of the holistic look at your property and believes in creating designs that consider all possible scenarios.

Bring Your Vision to Life with SCJ Alliance

Embarking on an outdoor renovation can be an exciting and daunting experience, and it can be made all that much easier with the help of SCJ Alliance. Whether you need designs for a brand-new apartment complex or some fire-wise advice for a residential garden, the landscape architect team is ready to help. They service clients across Washington State from offices in Thurston, King, Chelan, and Spokane counties. So, no matter where you live, you are able to have personalized service and designs for your project. Contact them to get started today!