These days, it’s rare to follow a parent into the family business. But when it happens, there’s a special bond that customers, clients, coworkers and industry partners can feel. Windermere’s mother/daughter team Lee Ann and Amanda Kooley, provide Western Washington brokerage experience with that little something extra. Big properties or small, they’re always ready to help buy or sell for you and tirelessly work to give 110%.

 Lee Ann Kooley headshot
Mom Lee Ann Kooley is a senior-, relocation- and certified real estate specialist who always wanted to be in real estate. Photo courtesy: Kooley and Co.

SW Washington Real Estate’s in the Family with Windermere’s Lee Ann and Amanda Kooley

Parents can’t help but lead by example. Mom Lee Ann Kooley always wanted to try her hand in real estate but could never quite find the right time. Seven years ago, however, she made a leap. “I finally made it work and have never looked back,” she says. “I love helping people and making them happy.  And the flexibility is truly a plus.”

Lee Ann’s daughter Amanda graduated with a communications degree from the University of Washington in 2017, knowing she wanted to work with people. “Watching my mom help so many families find their dream home is exactly what I wanted to do,” she explains, “I love that each day is different and that I get to meet so many great people.”

Their business footprint typically covers Pierce and Kitsap counties, and they enjoy the diversity and utterly unique areas these regions have to offer.

Amanda Kooley headshot
Daughter Amanda Kooley saw how much mom loved the profession and wanted to work with people herself. She’s now a short sale-, foreclosure- and relocation specialist for Windermere. Photo courtesy: Kooley and Co.

A Dedicated Brokerage That Helps with All Your Real Estate Needs

Just as no two families are alike, neither are real estate needs. Whether you’re looking for your first, next or forever home, need to downsize, want an investment property, or face a quick-turnaround military move, the Kooleys are here to help. Lee Ann is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, a Certified Real Estate Specialist and a relocation specialist. Amanda is a short sale and foreclosure specialist and relocation specialist.

They work with folks daily and always advise clients to keep busy in their normal activities during today’s turbulent real estate market. “Volunteer, spend time with family and keep yourself healthy,” says Lee Ann. This means you’ll be “of sound mind and ready for the challenges” when the right property – or lower interest rates – finally comes along.

When not working, both Lee Ann and Amanda enjoy outdoorsy activities like snowmobiling, hunting and boating. But even the work week is fun for this tireless team. “We both love our jobs and helping clients with their next chapters,” Lee Ann says, “we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.”

Referring Clients to Boggs Inspection Services and Other Trusted Industry Partners

The Kooleys first crossed paths with Boggs Inspection Services in 2019 when a buyer chose the Lacey-based company for their home inspection. “We’ve continued referring to them ever since,” says Lee Ann. Owner Dwayne Boggs appreciates their working relationship and how it truly benefits clients every step of the way.

“As home inspectors, we work with numerous real estate agents, and it becomes clear to us who the exceptional ones are,” says Boggs. “Lee Ann and Amanda are undoubtedly at the pinnacle of that list. Their expertise, communication skills and genuine care for their clients make the journey successful and enjoyable for everyone involved.”

The inspection process is a vitally important, and occasionally a little scary, step when buying or selling a home, business or property. But working with families like Boggs Inspection Services and Amanda and Lee Ann Kooley means you’ll receive straightforward, transparent, caring results that customers deeply appreciate. “Communication and care go hand in hand with real estate,” shares Amanda. “Making sure that our clients have the smoothest transaction possible is always the highest priority.”

To contact Amanda Kooley, give her a call at 253.985.0429 or email For Lee Ann, call 253.405.6655 or email today. They’re happy to answer questions about your specific needs and walk you through the process or show you a list of active listings that might fit the bill. Then schedule a free quote from Boggs to make sure there aren’t any surprises hiding out of sight. Because, as with any family, they both only want what’s best for you and will work hard to give the best possible results 24/7.