Around the New Year’s holiday, many of us do a full assessment of our health, fitness, finances and relationships. This often results in a fresh approach to life, work mentality and motivation. In 2024, Boggs Inspection Services will be adding home energy assessments. Beyond just inspecting a property’s features and fixtures, this extra step looks at how your home uses energy and where you can save on both cost and overall carbon emissions.

		Dwayne Boggs and Ana Ramirez standing outside a building posing for the photo
Dwayne Boggs and Ana Ramirez agree that these assessments help them stand out, go above and beyond, and provide personalized recommendations to local families. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Boggs Inspection Services Adds Home Energy Assessments to the New Year’s Checklist

Nationwide Insurance explains that a standard home inspection typically looks at a property’s overall condition as well as “the structural aspects of the home, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical work, water and sewage to ensure they are all functioning properly.”

An Energy Raven assessment is different. They look at today’s annual energy costs for the home, then create a breakdown of usage by system and provide ways to save. They suggest systems or appliances that could be improved, options to boost health and comfort, and even links to tax credits and rebates.

Many homeowners wrestle with questions like gas versus electricity, whether or not to install solar panels, and which infrastructure investments are worth it in the long haul. Energy Raven worked with scientists, data analysts and home energy experts to create an algorithm for today and whatever tomorrow may bring.

Boggs technician kneeling by hot water heater looking at a phone
Home energy assessments look at how your home uses energy and provide ways to save as well as lower your overall carbon footprint. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Knowledge is Power when Buying or Selling a Home

Boggs manager George Green says that partnering with Energy Raven was a perfect fit. “We pride ourselves in providing the most complete information we can for our clients to make an honest and informative decision regarding their purchase,” he explains.

“In addition, we feel that in these current times, we can offer another service to ease our client’s minds regarding out-of-pocket costs in the future,” Green continues. “Knowing a new home’s current energy cost requirements can show them potential savings they can make by improving efficiency. Simple changes like adding insulation or future investments like upgrading appliances or adding solar energy to the system. We believe that the more educated our clients can be during the home-buying process, the more they can feel confident they’re making the right decisions.”

Boggs manager George Green headshot
Boggs manager George Green loves adding this new service. He feels it will show potential savings through improved efficiency and providing education to homeowners. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

The Boggs Family Cares for Your Family’s Home, Property and Business

Boggs offers inspection packages that include roof, electrical and HVAC, plumbing, garage, insulation, ventilation, structure and foundation, wood and pest control, and so much more. Adding home energy assessments is an extra step that meshes perfectly with their 20 years of caring, experience, know-how and support.

President Dwayne Boggs and Operations Director Ana Ramirez share Green’s excitement for this new venture. “Our home energy assessment services stand out due to our comprehensive approach, combining traditional inspection practices with a focus on energy efficiency,” says Dwayne. “Our team is confident that our energy assessment service is a valuable addition because we go beyond the typical inspections.”

“We prioritize energy efficiency by offering personalized recommendations to optimize a home’s energy use,” says Ramirez. “This distinctive approach sets us apart from other inspection businesses by providing homeowners with practical solutions for long-term savings and sustainability.” Home energy assessments will be included in any Premium Plus Inspection packages or can be scheduled as a stand-alone service.

Schedule online or request a free quote to get started with your home inspection and ask about including a home energy assessment. Call 360.480.9602 with questions about their full range of options or add-on services. Then check out the handy bloghome maintenance checklist, sample inspection report and list of recommended contractors.

Many New Year resolutions won’t last. Work, family, pets, grocery shopping, oil changes, and the daily grind interfere with our goals of working out, eating better, and getting enough sleep. But around the house, there are plenty of one-time projects. Make an appointment with Boggs today, then put it on your to-do list and immediately cross it off the list with a sense of accomplishment. New year, new you, newly lowered carbon footprint. Now that’s a win/win/win.