Rich, aromatic smells waft through the air, infused with a melody of spices, a cacophony of cayenne, paprika, thyme, and oregano, ending in a sizzling crescendo with the hiss of a frying pan as ingredients are tossed and mixed with an impeccable flourish. Your senses are flooded with the warmth and comfort of what can only be Cajun Creole Cuisine, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d swear you were in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou itself. Instead, though, you’re here, still in the South Sound and in Tukwila, at the one and only Blessings Catering Company.

A Culinary Haven With Heart Nourishing More Than Just Appetites

Blessings, formally Blessings From My Heart to Your Table, is a non-profit and proudly black-owned and woman-owned business run by founder Delphia Bradley. A culinary experience from her kitchen is more than just a feast for the senses, but rather a testament to the fusion of flavors and the embodiment of compassion as she supports survivors of abuse through each and every delicious bite. The cause is one that’s very near and dear to Delphia’s heart as she herself is a survivor of domestic violence of 14 years, having survived a near-death experience from her abuse in 2013.

“It was this reason that I created Blessings,” she explained. “It’s a business and non-profit for survivors of abuse to thrive financially and internally heal.”

Blessings Catering Company
Schedule Blessings Catering Company for your new big event. Nothing is off the table, not even weddings! Especially when they’re offering coconut cakes that look this good. Photo courtesy: Blessings Catering Company

Since its inception, now over a decade ago, Blessings’ mission, as summed up by Delphia, has been to save lives by eliminating the reasons survivors return to their abusers and create financial security and holistic healing for survivors of abuse, as well as stop the cycle of abuse. Every purchase at Blessings, whether it be a pick-up order of some of their Sweet Blessings desserts, booking their catering service for an event, or the purchase of their wholesale items, such as their gorgeous coconut cake or a soulful serving of their Blessing Bayou Seafood and Chicken Gumbo, directly contributes to supporting survivors of abuse. Delphia knows, better than anyone, that every contribution, no matter how small, makes a tangible impact on those on the journey to healing.

Blessings Catering Company
Chef and owner Delphia Bradley, with one of her famous sweet potato pies available for purchase through wholesale, which in turn provides a home for survivors of abuse. Photo courtesy: Blessings Catering Company

Blessings is a Literal Dream Come True for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Originally, Blessings began with Delphia working as a private chef in 2012 as a way to make money to become financially independent to escape the abuse. The idea had come to her in a vivid dream one night, having seen in it a restaurant sign that read “Blessings From My Heart to Your Table,” the logo and colors perfectly clear.

“I saw people coming into the restaurant happy and pleased with their experience,” told Delphia of vision. “I awoke and heard the voice of God say, ‘Ask your husband if you can go to culinary school.'”

Upon asking him, she was given a “Yes, but you won’t be successful,” to which Delphia is more than proud to reveal that she graduated culinary school with a 4.0 and immediately started the private chef company that has since transformed into the Blessings of today. And as Blessings partook of its own journey of self-discovery, she too had her journey to go through.

“Healing is a journey without a timeframe,” she shared, reflecting on the day she almost died at the hands of her abusive husband on October 23, 2013. “Trauma creates deep wounds to the heart and brain that band-aids can’t cover.”

Delphia’s healing journey was rough and ugly, requiring a lot of prayer, fasting, and therapy to get her here today. Along the way, she maintained Blessings, additionally working in restaurants and catering kitchens. It was in 2018 that Delphia says God began to instruct her to help other survivors thrive financially and heal.

Blessings Catering Company
Who says you have to travel south to try some famous Cajun Creole Gumbo? Instead, place an order for Blessings Bayou Seafood and Chicken Gumbo. Photo courtesy: Blessings Catering Company

Blessings Catering Company Feeds the Soul While Serving Hope on a Plate

It was that same year that Delphia formally opened Blessings From My Heart To Your Table Catering Company, with the company’s only hires being survivors of abuse, be it domestic violence, trafficking, racism, or otherwise. Two years later, she opened their 501c3 Non-profit for survivors of domestic violence and trafficking to provide culinary training and resources to their employed survivors, as well as opened Blessings Wholesale the same year, where all proceeds offer rental assistance and eventually housing for survivors of abuse.

In 2023, Delphia finally opened their first restaurant in Shelton, Blessings Restaurant, which employed only survivors of abuse.

“The road to opening Blessings Restaurant was extremely long and painful,” solemnly shared Delphia, and sadly it wouldn’t last long.

“To be able to open the first restaurant for survivors of abuse in Shelton on April 8, 2023, was a great win. This victory was short-lived though,” explained Delphia, who confided that after spending over $25,000 on tenant improvements, she was forced to abruptly close on June 13, 2023. It was on this fateful day that she was held hostage in her own restaurant, abused, and had her equipment sabotaged beyond repair.  

No longer feeling it was safe for her or her team members to remain at their Shelton location, Delphia gave away all her remaining restaurant equipment to another black women-owned restaurant in Tacoma. She hasn’t returned to the restaurant but has since addressed the sudden closure on social media, showcasing grace and poise as they navigate this transition and expressing her faith and hope that Blessings will continue to be blessed.

“We are not done,” she assured. “God has been too good to us to just stop because a group of people don’t want us to do God’s work — the mission continues.” Those looking to help them on this mission can do so with continued donations.

Blessings Catering Company
Need to “spice” things up with dessert? Try one of Blessings’ many online order options for desserts. Photo courtesy: Blessings Catering Company

Blessings Catering Company Continues to Offer Recipes of Healing for Those in Need

To date, Blessings has helped over 25 women and children by providing employment opportunities, free job training and immediate and long-term resources for them to use to heal and thrive. Through the sale of Blessings Wholesale items, they can provide rental assistance and housing, and their non-profit donations provide free culinary training and resources for survivors of abuse.

“I just want to empower and revive their zeal for life while they are on this healing journey. I understand what these ladies are going through and the weight they carry on their journey to financial freedom,” says Delphia.

Delphia isn’t the only one working to empower these women. Blessings received its first grant from the Queen Bee of Confidence herself, Beyoncé and her BeyGOOD Foundation. Afterward, she hosted the non-profit on her website for three years.

“I am thankful that Beyoncé and her team saw value in our work,” shared Delphia, who explained that the funds went a long way for the survivors, especially during the pandemic when catering was closed.

Blessings Catering Company
Delphia Brown with gospel singer CeCe Winans during the Survivors Night to Shine Concert. Photo courtesy: Blessings Catering Company

“Let me tell you, the way God answers our secret prayers is amazing,” she continued, going on to tell yet another amazing story of Blessings being blessed again when they also had another very successful fundraiser in 2020 with a concert guest starring the gospel singer CeCe Winans. Like Blessings, the event “Survivors Night to Shine,” came to Delphia in a dream, and after reaching out to the singer’s management, dates were set for a concert. October 23 was a date she knew all too well, but she was more than happy to see the festivities kick off.

“It was timely, and the spirit of God was in the place!” beamed Delphia.

In 2023, Delphia was also nominated by Catalyst Kitchens as a David Carleton Catalyst for Change Nominee. “It’s an honor to be counted among so many other great selfless nominees,” she says.  

The non-profit is excited to have just launched its Vegan Meal Delivery Service known as Delphia Vegan Cajun. Orders can be made online here, and the tasty meals are soy-free, healthy, vegan, and plant-based.  

Blessings Catering Company
Cajun and healthy? Some may have said it couldn’t be done, but Chef Delphia disagrees with her newest venture with Delphia Vegan Cajun! Photo courtesy: Blessings Catering Company

More changes are to come for the local non-profit, and those looking to keep up to date on the happenings can follow their Facebook, Instagram, and X. Of course, these pages aren’t just for followers but also a means of communication for survivors who may be seeking help.

“I haven’t just done research. I have real-life experience of being abused, which is why I want everyone in that situation to know that Blessings is here for you. We want you to live and not die. We want you to live your best life on purpose. You’re not reading this by accident,” shared a heartfelt Delphia.

Blessings Catering Company
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