Olympia Van Dorm Realty’s Nathaniel Dickison Can Help Find Your Forever Home

Home can mean many things. Where we choose to put down roots requires that little something extra, a magic spark regardless of where you grew up. For Van Dorm Realty broker Nathaniel Dickison, the Olympia area is his past, present and future. You might even call it his PNW RE&LM. With a career in real estate and lifestyle management, Dickison and his team believe in working around the clock to help others find their perfect spot and forever home.

Van Dorm Realty broker Nathaniel Dickison
Nathaniel Dickison (pictured) is part of the Van Dorm family of brokers and loves using his lifetime knowledge of Olympia and Thurston County on behalf of local families. Photo courtesy: Nathaniel Dickison

Professional, Full-Service, 24-Hour Real Estate Help with the Olympia Touch

A lifelong resident of Olympia, Dickison built a family here with his wife Nicole and son Creedence. He has nearly 20 years’ experience and a wealth of regionally inspired knowledge and insight.

“I’m often reminded of how fortunate I am to be here,” says Dickison, “right now, with everything I have. I have always felt a sense of belonging in the PNW. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I developed a sincere connection to the region’s gorgeous landscape and energetic communities from an early age. Olympia is a melting pot of this region. Its sense of community, the diverse culture and the endless opportunities for outdoor adventure make it a truly unique environment to raise a family.”

And Dickison knows there’s something here for everyone, whether buying or selling a home, even as things change and grow. “Some want creature comforts, knowing everything’s a stone’s throw away. Others crave a wooded 5-acre lot in towns even most locals still don’t know much about,” he says. We have so much variety here. Local businesses can be found just about everywhere, and chain stores provide the big-city feel. We are experiencing growth at a very fast pace.”

Van Dorm Realty broker Nathaniel Dickison
Nathaniel Dickison (left) believes in working around the clock, staying professional, investing in community and guiding clients through the home buying and selling process. Photo courtesy: Nathaniel Dickison

Broker Nathaniel Dickison: Finding Your Forever Home Around Olympia

Dickison says he stays motivated by satisfaction of finding an ideal match between a person and their perfect home alongside the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with others in the community.

“I thrive on the challenges and rewards of the process,” he says, “I obsess over new ways to create and build. I have a Hamilton mentality: I want to be in the room where it happens. Helping others make decisions and cutting a path to their objective is where I tend to excel. The process of purchasing properties has so many moving parts. The role of a broker to provide direction and execute decisions on behalf of a client has shown to be vital at times. It is one of the most elastic roles a person can play, providing firm stances and still articulating with empathy.”

But, he says, there are many steps between finding a home and owning it. Sellers and buyers aren’t always transparent, on the same page or working towards shared goals. This is where a professional inspector like Boggs Inspection Services is vital.

“Inspectors have a tough job,” admits Dickison. “The more they discover, the more challenging the conversation becomes. I personally love a thorough inspection. Difficult or not, I want to assure that clients understand what they’re purchasing and are given the opportunity to access it for themselves. It also gives an opportunity to learn about the parts of the home they may benefit from later once they’ve been in the home awhile. Inspectors can be great teachers and see the nooks and crannies of more homes than most.”

Van Dorm Realty broker Nathaniel Dickison
When not working, Nathaniel Dickison (left) can be found enjoying the PNW RE&LM and all sorts of fun hobbies with his wife and son. Photo courtesy: Nathaniel Dickison

Home Inspections are a Valuable Learning Tool for Prospective Home Buyers

Dwayne Boggs appreciates working with Dickison, especially his “commitment to fostering lasting relationships with clients, rather than just completing transactions.” Boggs inspector Jon Molby, who has worked with Dickison many times, agrees wholeheartedly.

“I have seen Nate go above and beyond for each of his clients who have chosen to have us conduct their inspection,” says Molby. “There was one house that was listed as having nearly a third more square footage than what it appeared to have when we arrived in person. Nate spent at least an hour drawing a floor plan of the home and meticulously measuring every room to inform his clients what the actual square footage was. Not only is Nate a hard worker but he is always bettering himself in his knowledge and skills as a realtor. I have observed that he truly wants what’s best for his clients and if that means that it takes several months of working with a client then he will do it gladly until they find the right house!”

To learn more and find a list of available homes in this beautiful PNW RE&LM, email pnwrealm@gmail.com, connect on Facebook or call 360.259.8949. And when you need to inspect the home or your dreams, contact Boggs Inspection Services at 360.480.9602 or visit the Boggs Inspection Services website.