Need a bike? Want to sell a bike? Need bicycle parts? Are you looking to discover an alternate method of transportation for your commute? The folks at Ride Together Pierce are putting together the 13th Annual Pierce County Bike Swap just in time for Bike Month in May. With its new location at the Tacoma Community College’s Lot A, visitors will be able to not only exchange bikes and parts but also learn some alternate and sustainable transportation methods on April 27.

Bike Swap Tacoma
There will be buses at the Bike Swap to practice loading and unloading bikes on the racks for those wanting to learn how easy it is to use the bus while riding your bike. Photo courtesy: Ride Together Pierce

Ride Together Peirce’s Mission

Ride Together Pierce’s mission is simple: to foster multiple transportation options for residents, businesses, and commuters throughout the county. The idea is to inform the public about alternate modes of transportation to lower carbon emissions and reduce traffic congestion.

“We have many campaigns,” says Risa Terry, Sustainable Transportation Outreach Coordinator for Pierce County Sustainable Resources, “such as the Your Work Your Way campaign promoting teleworking and compressed workweeks, and support programs, such as the Vanpool program, the Emergency Ride Home program, ORCA card assistance, and online rideshare matching for carpool formation.” Each program helps play a role in mitigating pollution and traffic jams.

Bike Swap Tacoma
Stop by the informative Bike Swap booths to learn about new commuting options. Photo courtesy: Ride Together Pierce

13th Annual Pierce County Bike Swap

Visitors to the 13th Annual Bike Swap can expect a lively “swap meet” atmosphere full of bicycle vendors, resources, activities, and more. Here, they will be able to buy a bike, sell one, learn about local bike routes and safety tips, as well as socialize with like-minded folks who cycle or are interested in cycling. “Whether you’re a beginner, a commuter, or just curious, this event will have something for you,” explains Terry.

“The entire event is wholeheartedly focused on sustainable transportation options,” Terry continues. “Our aim is to make biking more accessible by providing a space for the community to buy and sell bicycles as well as become better informed regarding bike safety measures and bicycle routes.” Visitors should expect a corral area for buying and selling, as well as a testing area for participants to try out any bikes before buying. Local food truck options from Turger Burger, P&J’s Waffle Delight, and TNT Espresso & Mini Donuts will also be available.

Bike Swap Tacoma
The Bike Swap is all-ages and catered to all things cycling, so bring the whole family to this fun event! Photo courtesy: Ride Together Pierce

Terry stresses the importance of such an event for the South Sound. “It provides a space for people to connect with one another,” she says. “Vendors, volunteers, and visitors can come together to share bicycle routes, safety tips and even find others to cycle with. These types of connections allow people to form a deeper bond with their local community. It encourages people to get outside and stay active and gives them a sense of belonging.”

She also sees the event as a way to help people understand the alternate methods of transportation that are out there. “It promotes cycling as sustainable transportation by addressing certain barriers to cycling such as lack of familiarity with local routes or lack of safety gear,” Terry says. “Vendors will be selling bikes, and we will have some safety gear, maps, and various activities to familiarize oneself with bike safety and skills. We will even have a bus from Pierce Transit so that visitors can practice racking their bikes on the bus. All of these things allow people to become more comfortable with cycling in general, which promotes its viability as a method of transportation.”

“Ultimately, though, our goal is for our South Sound community to come together and have fun,” says Terry. “We want people to see cycling as something worth doing, whether it’s for exercise, to get from place to place, or simply to enjoy the outdoors.”

Bike Swap Tacoma
Riding your bike is an excellent way to help mitigate traffic and pollution in the South Sound. Photo courtesy: Ride Together Pierce

Learn More About the Bike Swap

The Bike Swap event is still looking for a few more volunteers to assist with directing vendor traffic during setup and takedown and help in the bicycle testing area. Willing applicants can sign up here or email Risa Terry directly here.

So, if you’re looking for a bike, ready to sell one, or want to discover alternate transportation methods for your commute, the 13th Annual Bike Swap has got you covered. It is family-friendly and free of charge.

For more information about the event, as well as Ride Together Pierce’s other resources, such as bike skill kits, bicycle benefits information, bicycle parking information, and upcoming events, be sure to check out their website here.

Ride Together 2024 Bike Swap

Saturday, April 27
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tacoma Community College, Lot A
South 19th Street and South Mildred Street