Businesses don’t grow over night. No matter which industry you’re in, a solid business is built on a few key characteristics, attention to detail, great customer service, care for the community and above all, trust. Boggs Inspection Services is celebrating 15 years. In that time, Dwayne Boggs has built his business from the ground up, maintaining high standards, listening to his customers and responding to their needs, and giving them the peace of mind that makes him the go-to for home inspections.

In 2004, Dwayne started Boggs Inspection Services and the housing market was booming. For every inspection, Dwayne worked dutifully and methodically, setting himself apart as a high-caliber home inspector. As his reputation grew, he took on more clients. By 2009, Dwayne performed over 500 inspections each year. Through the housing crash, he continued inspections, offering peace of mind to customers with thorough inspections. When the housing market began to recover, Boggs Inspection Services was in such great demand that he hired his first employee in 2012. And it just grew from there. Now Boggs Inspection Services has performed over 11,000 inspections, and they have no plans to slow down any time soon.

Boggs Inspection Team
The Boggs Inspection Team. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Team

In addition to adding more inspectors, other members have been added to the team to help keep things running smoothly. Boggs Inspection Services now has 11 employees, including a marketing department, inspector manager and an operations director. Having an inspector manager helps Boggs to refine their systems and standard of excellence. “We are not just maintaining, but getting better,” says Heather Derrick, content marketing specialist for Boggs. “We want to ensure we are providing better services, which continues the high standards that Dwayne started out with, and also adding new services for our customers.”

Over the years, ancillary services with Boggs have grown. Sewer scopes, infrared technology, water and mold testing, foundation certifications and irrigation inspections are among the many services that have been added to offer more value to the customers when they are getting their inspections. They also started offering a 100-Day Warranty to give clients more peace of mind.  “We even offer real estate agents an app that they can use that is really helpful in scheduling, keeping track of inspections and building a repair request list,” says Heather.

At least once a month, the team meets up for additional training covering a range of topics from irrigation inspections to learning about new trends in the industry. In addition to in-house training, the inspectors often meet to discuss what they are seeing at their inspections. Every inspector knows while they are out on an inspection that another inspector is just a call away for a second opinion or advice on something they’ve never seen before.

Boggs Inspection Services
George Green, Inspector Manager & Dwayne Boggs. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

A larger team also means that Boggs can schedule two inspectors for larger properties. That way, instead of an inspection taking four to five hours, they can cut the time in half. “Clients and real estate agents really appreciate that efficiency and thoroughness,” says Heather.

In addition to new employees, there have been several changes to Boggs Inspection that customers might not have always noticed over the years. Some of the changes have made the company more environmentally responsible. In 2014, the company purchased their first hybrid vehicle, and began the process of going completely paperless. With inspectors driving thousands of miles every year, hybrid vehicles are an opportunity to save money while also helping the environment. Going paperless was also an opportunity to cut waste and save money. Offering the extensive inspection reports in digital form has been more convenient as well, since it is easily accessed for years to come instead of being stuffed away in a box somewhere. And environmental stewardship wasn’t the only way that Dwayne made his business more responsible.

A responsibility for his community encouraged Dwayne to give generously through Boggs Inspection Services. Over the last 15 years, Boggs Inspection Services has donated over $35,000 to various charities and causes. Some of those charities are Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Safe Place, the Kiwanis and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County.

Boggs Inspection Services Ana Ramirez and Dwayne Boggs
Dwayne Boggs, President & CEO & Ana Ramirez, Operations Director. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

There’s one more thing that customers might not always realize about Dwayne Boggs and how he runs his business. By developing and coaching his team members, Dwayne believes the company can truly give a profession in which each team member is able to achieve their dreams and goals. “He really cares about his employees,” says Heather. “He is always trying to make sure that the employee and their family are happy with the job and the hours they are working.” Dwayne’s flexibility makes it possible for people to spend more time with their families and enjoy things that are important to them like travel and volunteering.

In 15 years, a lot has changed, but a few things have stayed the same. Boggs Inspection Services still cares about providing exceptional home inspections. And Dwayne still cares about the environment, his community, and his employees, and that is what will keep Boggs Inspection Services around for many years to come.

To schedule an inspection, go to the Boggs Inspection Services website, or call them at 360-480-9602.


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