Community Impact — Reach a Broader Audience through a Community Social Network

Photo credit: Megan Lee Matteson.

At SouthSoundTalk we strive to create meaningful, engaging content about the people, businesses and organizations that make Pierce County a great place to live, work and play.

Whether highlighting a community member donating time to a local non-profit or sharing information about fun activities to enjoy with your family, our talented writing team works hard to source stories our readers care about.

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission's a link to SouthSoundTalk's Whale Trail article. The post received 666 likes, 58 comments and 373 shares.
Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission’s shared a link to SouthSoundTalk’s Whale Trail article on its Facebook page. The post received 666 likes, 58 comments and 373 shares.

Because all of our content is published online, it’s easy to measure how the stories we share impact the community. As an online community social network, the content we publish on SouthSoundTalk can be shared easily across the web with our readers, local businesses and other organizations — near and far.

Earlier this spring, SouthSoundTalk published a story about hiking routes along the water ideal for whale watching. The article received many views, likes and shares — including one share from the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

“You don’t need to be on a boat to get great views of whales in Washington!” the Washington State Parks’ Facebook post stated. “SouthSoundTalk shares how you can spot orca, humpback and gray whales from land. And we’re happy to say that many of the best vantage points are from trails within your state parks — on the coast and in the Salish Sea! Whale watching season is just around the corner!”

The Washington State Parks’ post received 666 likes, 58 comments, and 373 shares — reaching thousands of people outside SouthSoundTalk’s own distribution network. This is similar to dropping a pebble in a pond — the impact reaches beyond the source, outward into the community.

The article also includes Olympia Orthopaedic Associates’ logo. The business chooses to have their logo embedded in articles about outdoor recreation and healthy living. Our Content Engine matches a customer’s target market to stories written by our paid, professional writers.

While the Whale Trail article was reaching thousands of readers across Western Washington, Olympia Orthopaedic Associates' logo was being circulated as well.
As SouthSoundTalk’s Whale Trail article was being circulated around the web, Olympia Orthopaedic Associates’ logo went right along with it.

As this article was being circulated and shared, the Olympia Orthopaedic Associates’ logo went right along with it. As each reader viewed the article, they were exposed to the logo, and the impressions far exceeded our promised reach.

The unique structure of the community social network offers, by design, a way to create chatter around a story and have far-reaching influence. The Whale Trail story is just one example of the power that online content has and its ability to create real impact beyond its original source.

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