Being healthy — and keeping our families healthy — is a top priority. However, eating your veggies and walking the dog won’t combat the numerous impurities and toxins in our environment that we breathe every day. With today’s air-tight construction methods, indoor air quality in our own homes has become a health concern, with mold often at the root of the problem. Green Home Solutions of Olympia’s goal is to eliminate mold safely and effectively — aided by proven science and environmentally friendly products — to create a safe, healthy home for your family.

The Olympia franchise of Green Home Solutions is owned by Ana Ramirez and Dwayne Boggs. Dwayne, a 12-year veteran home inspector and owner of Boggs Inspection Services, came across the company at an inspectors conference. He did a little research, learned about the company’s green, scientifically-based methods, and knew the South Sound was in need of Green Home Solutions.

Green Home Solutions, Ana Ramirez
Ana’s long-time connections to the community and focus on educating others have made for a smooth transition to her new career. Photo courtesy: Green Home Solutions.

He shared the ideas with his longtime partner, Ana Ramirez. They met with and shadowed other franchise owners and grilled company leaders with questions. Ultimately, the basis in science, solid franchise infrastructure and safe, green products won them over. “After more than 12 years in the home inspecting business, I’ve see a lot of homes impacted by mold,” Dwayne explains. “I knew that there was a need in our area for honest, reliable and non-toxic mold mitigation options, and this was a great fit.”

Born in Puerto Rico, Ana has called the Northwest home since 1996. For the majority of her career, she has worked in the Olympia-based dental office of Dr. Rose Bailey, first as an assistant, then as a hygienist. Educating patients and helping them learn to care for their teeth has been her passion for years. Now, with Green Home Solutions, she’s educating people throughout the community on achieving a healthy home.

“For me, this was another way to help people — just in a different way,” she shares. “I help people every day in dentistry. This helps them right in their homes.”

United States Army veteran Eddie Odoms has also joined the team, bringing his marketing, sales and customer service expertise with him. “I saw in Green Home Solutions a way to use my years of experience to help people make their lives better,” he explains. Odoms has spent countless hours in the classroom leading up to his new Green Home Solutions career, earning the top certifications and qualifications available.

Eddie Odums, Green Home Solutions mold removal expert
Eddie bring years of marketing experience to Green Home Solutions. Photo courtesy: Green Home Solutions.

While there are other mold mitigation options out there, Green Home Solutions stands apart with their focus on scientific, third-party testing, ensuring you only treat a problem you actually have, not one that “might” be there. Couple the science with all-natural, environmentally friendly, enzyme-based products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and you have a mold solution that is safe for families, their pets and the environment.

“The non-toxic, ultra-fine mist we use is enzyme based,” shares Eddie. “It breaks mold down organically. It essentially attacks the fats and proteins in the mold, and the proteins are the allergenic part for most people.” They only attach to and kill molds. Nothing else.

As scary as mold sounds, it’s an integral part of the ecosystem. “We need mold to help break down things in the environment. But certain types inside your home can cause serious problems,” explains Eddie.

So how do I know if the black stuff in my shower or window tracks is bad?

Dwayne Boggs and Ana Ramirez
Ana and Dwayne support each other in all things, including their 2016 completion of the STP (Seattle to Portland) bicycle race together. Photo courtesy: Ana Ramirez.

Testing is the key. Green Home Solutions begins by testing indoor and outdoor air quality. “If the sample on the inside air tests at 10 times the level of the outside, we know there is something unhealthy going on and that treatment is needed,” says Ana.

An independent lab does the testing and calls the homeowner directly with results within 48 hours.

Once the specific type of mold is identified, the targeted treatment can begin. “Eight hours is all we need,” says Eddie, who personally completes each treatment.

Another key with Green Home Solutions is post-treatment testing. “By having the home tested after treatment, by a third-party tester, we ensure our customers are getting what they paid for — a safe home, free from potentially harmful mold,” Ana explains.

Home inspectors are often the starting point for a mold treatment, finding a problem during an inspection. However, more and more, people are calling on their own. “People typically call for three reasons,” shares Eddie. “They smell a musty odor, they have health concerns such as asthma or lack of focus, or they can visually see a mold problem.”

Green Home Solution, Eddie (left) and Ana (right)
Eddie Odoms and Ana Ramirez oversee the day-to-day operations of the South Sound based Green Home Solutions. Photo courtesy: Green Home Solutions.

Each Green Home Solutions team member was drawn to the business due to the strong science partnered with the low cost to consumers. Green Home Solutions treatments average 50 – 75% less than other choices. Using the scientific testing as a starting point, informing customers regarding their situation, and  providing homeowners with safe, environmentally-friendly options is the company’s main philosophy.

“It’s not fear based, but education based,” says Ana. “And it’s non-toxic and safe. All we leave behind in your home is a healthier environment for families. That’s all.”

To learn more about Green Home Solutions’ services and products, visit Green Home Solutions online or give them a call at 360-334-9333.




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