Now that winter is upon us, a cozy warm home is a priority. But when you are trying to balance your family’s comfort with your budget’s size, the thermostat often gets turned down a few notches. However, more and more families are balancing the two often competing desires. Ductless heat pumps are an energy and cost-efficient option to help give you both comfort and value simultaneously.

Dwayne Boggs
Dwayne Boggs has been inspecting homes throughout Pierce County for over 13 years and has seen many homeowners save a bundle through a warranty inspection. ©SouthSoundTalk

Dwayne Boggs, founder and owner of Boggs Inspection Services, has seen nearly everything in his 13 years inspecting local area homes, including a wide range of heating and cooling systems. His training and field experience have given him the inside look at many newer options on the market and he has noticed an increase in ductless heat pumps in South Sound homes. Why the increase? Cost plus comfort are making these systems more popular than ever.

So, what exactly is a ductless heat pump? They are small, interior mounted heating and cooling systems typically located high on a wall. The units deliver warm or cool air directly to an interior room or zone. This eliminates costly and inefficient ductwork and allows customization of temperature from zone to zone. Instead of generating heat from within as a furnace does, heat pumps transfer heat from the exterior air to the inside of your home. Boggs shares six benefits of these systems below.

  1. Perfect for remodels and additions ­– When remodeling or adding on to your home, a ductless system can solve many of the headaches involved with expanding a traditional system. Extending ductwork can be costly, take up precious square footage and, in some cases, require an upgraded furnace. Opting for a ductless in your new space can save money and keep you comfy in one fell swoop. Ductless heat pumps are also a great option for shops, detached studios and workshops.
  1. Ductless exterior
    As part of a ductless heat pump system, a small condensing unit is located outside the building with only a three inch pipe needed to connect to the interior.

    Simple installation – Installing a ductless system can often take less than one day. An outdoor unit is placed in an out-of-the-way location on the home’s exterior and a three-inch hole is all that is needed for the pipes and cables to attach to the interior of the home. The interior unit can be easily hung on nearly any wall with no invasive construction needed. A simple electrical connection is run and the system is set to go.

  1. Flexible upgrade option If your home or office currently has baseboard, electric wall or space heaters, or window mounted units to manage interior temperature, a ductless system will be a comfort, aesthetic and resale value upgrade. A ductless provides heating and cooling, eliminating the need for two separate systems. Ductless heat pumps are an easy solution when upgrading condominiums, apartments and office spaces. Building from scratch? Ductless systems provide precise temperature control for each area of a home or office and are cost effective to install and over the long haul. Don’t worry if you have a large space to heat or cool, up to eight interior units can be connected to one exterior condenser.
  1. Ductless heating and cooling
    When remodeling a home, you often run into a situation where running additional ducts is impractical. A ductless heat pump can be a convenient solution.

    Save money ­– The energy efficiency, and therefore cost savings, of ductless heat pumps have been proven over decades of use around the world. Inefficient systems often leave you too hot or too cold and with an electric bill that creeps up as temperatures drop. The relatively inexpensive installation costs to upgrade to ductless, coupled with the energy savings, make it a budget-friendly option over time. Be sure to check into rebates and tax credits offered for ductless installation. These are offered at the local, state and federal level. Check with your utility provider for details.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint – Reduction in energy usage with a ductless heat pump in your home or business also reduces your carbon footprint, a win for both your budget and our planet. Each system meets Energy Star guidelines and can reduce energy usage by more than 60% over traditional electric options. Ductless heat pumps use a refrigerant called R410A known for its zero ozone depletion potential, another green benefit.
  1. Better indoor air quality ­­– It’s well known that a forced air, ducted system is a haven for dust, pollen and allergens. Indoor air quality in today’s tightly sealed homes is often significantly worse than outdoor air. However, ductless heat pumps include multiple filters and deliver air directly from the outdoors to your room avoiding the dusty, dirty duct system. The improved indoor air quality can be a significant help to those with allergies and sensitivities.
Ductless Heat Pump
A ductless heat pump can be mounted high above your living space delivering even heating and cooling throughout.

Looking to improve energy efficiency and increase comfort in your home or businesses? A ductless heat pump system could be the right fit for you. In common use throughout Europe and Asia for decades, ductless heat pumps are now becoming a regular sight in American homes.

In his 13 years inspecting homes, Dwayne Boggs has seen nearly every type of heating and cooling system. During those years he’s also helped turn a “maybe” home into a dream home for buyers through his careful inspections and well-researched advice. More often than not, comfortable, efficient heating is a top concern during the inspection process. Knowing the benefits and easy upgrade options available with ductless systems, buyers can rest easy knowing and upgrade is possible while sellers learn of ways to increase a home’s desirability before they list.

To learn more or talk with an experienced inspector, visit Boggs Inspection Services online or call 360-480-9602.


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