When the weather gets warmer, ice cream is the perfect treat to cool down. Whether you like it plain, nutty, or fruity, the cold and refreshing taste of ice cream can be just the thing to beat the heat. From locally owned ice cream parlors, to frozen yogurt bars with dozens of tasty toppings, the South Sound sure has plenty of options when it comes to finding your favorite treat.

Ice Cream Social Tacoma
Ice Cream Social has many fan favorite flavors such as their almond poppyseed, anise and salted caramel. Photo credit: alana t photography

Ice Cream Social

Visit one or both of Ice Cream Social’s scoop shops. Located at 2914 6th Avenue next to the Red Hot or at 5107 Main Street at Point Ruston — Ice Cream Social serves the same delectable homemade flavors at both locations. Not only are locally sourced ingredients turned into top-notch homemade ice cream and cones, but the aesthetic is enough to keep you coming back for more. From the crisp white indoor decor, to the adorable outdoor seating, this shop is one worthy of an Instagram picture. If you head to Ice Cream Social this summer, make sure you try out their unique lavender flavor — it’s a seasonal flavor, and if you try it you will know why it’s their most popular.

Shake Shake Shake

Now this one may be a burger joint, and milkshakes may not necessarily fall under ice cream, but we think it’s worth mentioning. Not only can you get the best milkshakes around, but you can also get them spiked with vodka, Irish cream, rum, bourbon, Jameson, or Jägermeister — if you’re of age, of course! Located in Tacoma, this place is a must-try.

Blackbear Frozen Yogurt
Black Bear Frozen Yogurt and Espresso has rows of toppings to add to your yogurt. Photo credit: Sophia Sonovich

Black Bear Frozen Yogurt

If you are looking for a cold treat that is customizable, head to Black Bear Frozen Yogurt and Espresso for some “beary” tasty frozen yogurt. With locations on 6th Avenue and 72nd Street in Tacoma, and on South Hill in Puyallup, their rustic theme is strong throughout all three locations. Black Bear is locally owned and operated, and they take pride in the high quality of their products. So next time you are in need of a sweet fix, head to Black Bear for some frozen yogurt that you can top with unlimited toppings.

Metropolitan Market’s Gelato Counter

Metropolitan Market in Tacoma is more than your average grocery store. It carries unique products and brands, as well as numerous counters displaying fresh goods. One of those counters is a gelato counter. How can a grocery story get better than that? This counter features 20 flavors, with a core selection of staples and a few rotating seasonal must-trys. They even can create a customizable gelato shake after you pick your flavors.

Melon Seed Deli

Why get your frozen yogurt served in a cup when you can have it in a pineapple? This deli doesn’t just serve sandwiches, they have some of the tastiest frozen yogurt around. You can choose from your size, method of container, and toppings! Their Bahama Mama is pretty amazing.

Bahama Mama
The Melon Seed Deli serves up flavorful and eye-catching desserts like the Bahama Mama. Photo credit: Kaitlin Armstrong


What’s your flavor? Well, head to Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and you will have a vast array of standard and seasonal tastes to choose from. Then scoot on down to their toping bar and choose from different cereals, various chocolates and yummy fruits. Menchie’s isn’t all frozen yogurt. They also have custom cakes and vegan and gluten-free options. Menchie’s has locations all over the country, and a handful of stores in the South Sound.

Helen’s Doughnuts & Ice Cream

When one scoop just isn’t enough, head to Helen’s for your ice cream needs. They specialize in doughnuts and ice cream alike. You can choose between 16 flavors, which are normally the same year round. You can get one, two or even three scoops in a cone or a cup. Currently, their cotton candy flavor is the most popular choice.