Finding bliss. That is an elusive experience for all kinds of reasons. It doesn’t have to be that way. The Spa @ Wellspring in Yelm is a place where your comfort, health and well-being take center stage, can guide you on an individualized path to feeling and being better. Spa Director, Tamborine Borrelli, is on hand to help you find your style of rejuvenation. There are plenty of options.

The W Suite, an oasis unto itself, is an excellent place to start. You’ll cross the threshold into a tranquil space that features an authentic Japanese soaking tub made of Hinoki cypress. I requested the water be 104 degrees, my perfect relax and unwind temperature. You might want it warmer for a more detoxifying experience (106-109 degrees). Wellspring will help you decide. Before slipping into the giant tub, it’s time for a shower in the custom-built Rainbow Shower complete with three side jets and two overhead streams. In Japan, it is wash first, soak second.

Wellspring water in motion
Wellspring uses water in multiple ways for your enjoyment and better health. Photo courtesy: Wellspring Wellness Center

An invigorating blend of essential oils was prepared for my pulse points to enhance the aromas and sensations. A generous amount of Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts were mixed into the 150 gallons of filtered water creating buoyancy for thorough relaxation of my body. I could sense the tension leaving my body with each breath as I stretched out and allowed the water up my neck. The background music I had selected added another element of peace.

Twenty minutes melted away. It was time to emerge from the tub to sit in the massage chair. I’ve been in many massage chairs (like at the nail salon for a pedicure) but this one was clearly superior. It was a true back massage. After cooling off, I went for my second soak to warm my bones. Even after that, there was still time for another round in the chair. At last, I took a final shower with the entertaining shower heads and got dressed. I was glowing from head to toe. The final delight was a chocolate truffle waiting for me.

Wellspring Shower
Wash away your stresses before soaking in the huge tub. You’ll be amazed how great it feels. Photo courtesy: Wellspring Wellness Center

I needed to drive back to Olympia – in the dark. Nevertheless, I was relaxed but alert and the traffic didn’t bother me. My evening was fine, my body/mind was so calm and stress free, I went to sleep in a moment, which does not always happen for me. Time in the W Suite can improve your circulation, lower blood pressure, enhance your immune system along with pain and stress relief, to name a few of the benefits. The suite is also available for use by couples looking for a relaxing outing together.

This is only one of the spa activities available at Wellspring.

Floatation Therapy

A totally different water experience is floatation therapy. Wellspring has custom designed floatation cabins. Unlike the W suite, which offers a sensory experience rich with sights, smells, sounds, and tastes, the floatation cabin is without stimulation – even light if you so choose. Imagine a shallow, square bathtub. After showering, you step into the cabin, turn out the lights, lay in the warm water and float. It may sound strange (to some), and there are those who may initially feel a low level of anxiety. However, even for claustrophobic floaters it doesn’t last because of the spacious cabins and they find floating brings another kind of bliss. The quiet warmth supports your body and the solitude inspires a meditative time that soothes the soul. It is welcome relief for active brains. Floating can be especially helpful for people with body issues where constriction or restriction is relieved by the suspension of normal gravity.

If you are hoping for a massage, The Spa @ Wellspring offers authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with hot stones, spa relaxation massage as well as deep tissue for 60 or 90 minutes.

Wellspring Massage
Massages can be relaxing, healing and fun. It does a body good! Treat yourself. Photo courtesy: Wellspring Wellness Center

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna and Lucia Light Therapy

There are still more ways to rejuvenate at Wellspring. In their Full spectrum Infrared Sauna various wavelengths can be used to target wellness goals such as detoxification, relaxation, cardiovascular, weight loss, pain relief and anti-aging. If you are looking for a non-water experience you can try the Lucia Light, a technology that stimulates the pineal gland, promoting the brain to enter a place of deep relaxation and creativity. Alpha and Theta brain waves are produced inducing insights, inspiration and visualizations. Treatments may benefit more restful sleep, reduction of anxiety (PTSD) and increased inner peace. It’s powerful brain health.

TempSure Envi Before and After Custom Image - Wellspring Updated JPEG
Wellspring offer non-surgical procedures for skin tightening and fat reduction. Photo courtesy: Wellspring Wellness Center

Warm Sculpting

Be sure to check out their medi-spa as well! Sculpsure is a non-invasive, non-surgical process for body countering and skin tightening. Requiring no down time, this light-based technology targets and destroys treated fat cells. Also being offered is Tempsure Envi, which works on areas of the face, while Tempsure Vitalia focuses on women’s health, specifically vaginal rejuvenation, bladder urgency and incontinence. Dr. Mille Arocho, MD, is the medical director for the all these procedures.

You’ll be hungry at some point. Gather Gastropub is the adjacent restaurant. Executive Bryce Hughes brings experience, local produce and health consciousness into the offerings.

Selfcare is often overlooked and under-valued. When I take care of myself, it is easier to be competent at work, be present with my family and to more fully enjoy my life. Cultivate your best self by calling Wellspring at 360-400-4400. There is specific information about their programs at the Wellspring website. Enjoy!

The Spa @ Wellspring Wellness Center is located at 9144 Burnett Road SE., Yelm.


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