Gy-ro, hero, your-o…no matter how you pronounce it, you know gyros are a delicious and unique food that are popping up in many restaurants in the Puget Sound area. The sandwich is traditionally a delightful blend of beef and lamb slowly heated to perfection on a rotisserie, topped with cheese, onion, tomatoes, lettuce and the tangy flavor of tzatziki (pronounced tot-zeek-ee) sauce all nestled in a warm pita bread blanket. Is your mouth watering yet?

sunset chevroletGyros are one of the world’s oldest street foods and restaurateurs have made them widely available in the Puget Sound region. Whether inspired by Turkish cuisine, Greek or Mediterranean, gyros are always perfect for lunch or dinner. Read on for a list of the best gyro restaurants in the South Sound.

It’s Greek to Me

It’s Greek to Me serves authentic Greek cuisine on Tacoma’s historic 6th Ave. Nestled among the trove of award-winning restaurants on The Ave, It’s Greek to Me serves a gyro that’ll knock your socks off. The restaurant serves a traditional Greek gyro with all the fixins, but they also have a legendary chicken gyro. One of the founders of It’s Greek to Me, Jim Wick, says “Believe we were the first to ever sell chicken gyros,” making them

It's Greek to Me Tacoma
It’s Greek to Me’s famous and first chicken gyro: “We still make them the same way we did 24 years ago.” Photo courtesy: Jim Wick and Erin Riffe

visionaries in the wonderful world of the tasty sandwich. What’s really special about this place is the origin of the recipes they use every day. When asked the history of their food, Jim replied, “Our gyros really go way back, back to Greece…my business partner and co-founder at the time, Johnnie, would call his mom in Thessaloniki, Greece, and ask for recipes if he did not have a great one. I remember the calls like yesterday.” Visit the It’s Greek to Me website or Facebook page to view the menu for their restaurant and catered parties.

The It’s Greek to Me restaurant can be visited at 1702 6th Avenue in Tacoma.

Greek Café

The Greek Café in Lakewood offers a variety of Mediterranean fare at competitive prices. The inviting, bright restaurant is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite to eat. The traditional gyro recipe is complemented by menu items like calamari and homemade baklava. The Greek Café has an extensive menu listed on their Facebook page.

The Greek Café can be visited by going to 10924 Bridgeport Way SW in Lakewood.

D’Lara Mediterranean Grill

D'Lara's Greek Restaurant
This spicy version of D’Lara’s traditional gyro is a unique twist on the age-old recipe. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

D’Lara is a restaurant known for its fine Greek and Turkish Mediterranean cuisine and has one of the best gyros around. The restaurant recently opened a Bonney Lake location that is quickly becoming a town favorite. The restaurant also has two locations in Auburn. Soon after you place your order, you hear the meat as it begins to sizzle on the grill in the open kitchen, hitting you with mouthwatering aromas so fine that you can taste the spices in the air. No meal at D’Lara is complete without the Greek fries, which are smothered in garlic, feta and herbs. A secret twist to the traditional gyro recipe at this restaurant is the spicy gyro – it has all the traditional ingredients, but with a little extra kick. The owner, Okan Altug, says, “Trust me, you’ll really, really like it!” Check out the new D’Lara Facebook page for the Bonney Lake to watch the video menu and plan your D’Lara feast.

The D’Lara Mediterranean Grill is located off Highway 410 in Bonney Lake at 9441 192nd Avenue East.

Giorgio’s Greek Café and Pizzeria

Giorgios Gyro
Giorgio’s gyro speaks for itself – it doesn’t get any better than this! Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

At Giorgio’s, you will find scratch-made food with the soul of Greece since 1959. The restaurant’s gyro is drool-worthy with healthy portions of feta, mozzarella (or both!), beef and lamb, tomato, lettuce, onion and delicious tzatziki sauce. Another star on the menu is the Cheese Saganaki – a melty and crispy slab of breaded kefalotyri cheese cooked with brandy and topped with a lemon then loaded onto pita bread. Giorgio’s is a perfect stop in Puyallup for lunch or dinner, dine in or takeout. Visit the Giorgio’s Greek Café and Pizzeria website or Facebook page to learn more about the savvy and chic restaurant in the heart of downtown Puyallup.

Giorgio’s Greek Café and Pizzeria is located at 328 S Meridian in Puyallup.

Gyro Zone

Gyro Zone serves up all kinds of meaty, Greek sandwiches, including gyros, but also shawarmas, kebabs, koftas and more. The University Place restaurant is a community favorite only open Monday through Friday. If you get a chance to go during the week, you are in for a treat with their blend of Turkish and Greek delicacies. While dining, you can enjoy an authentic Turkish coffee while mowing down on a heaping portion of fries, dipped in tzatziki sauce of course, and a stacked traditional gyro.

You can visit the Gyro Zone by going to 7510 40th Street W in University Place.

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