When the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile hit the streets for the first time in 1936, no one anticipated the road it would pave, uniting the automobile and food industry in a most peculiar yet surprisingly delicious way. The unique machine that went beyond the makings of a car to a mobile kitchen took America by storm, touring the country selling hot dogs and becoming a sensation at schools, parades, hospitals and more. Even today, the famous and massive hot dog mobile can be found occasionally roaming the countryside, having even been in the Tacoma community as recently as 2021.

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As the mobile road of food serving was paved, ice cream vans also joined the scene in the 1950s, and later, the first taco truck, King Taco, was built in 1974. Food trucks grew into an American tradition as time passed, rolling along to become culinary hubs on wheels in their respective communities. Tacoma’s South Sound region is no exception, with a vibrant food truck scene offering a diverse range of culinary delights.

South Sound Tacoma Food Trucks
Starvin Marvin Food Trucks is putting a twist on your favorite street faire food and creating unique hotdog options for residents of South Sound. Photo courtesy: Starvin Marvin Food Trucks

Starvin Marvin Food Trucks


When you’re in the mood for gourmet hotdogs and housemade sides, keep an eye out for the plentiful Starvin Marvin Food Trucks in Lakewood. The LGBTQ/women-owned business features a rotating menu of five to seven specialty, gourmet hotdogs with build-your-own options, along with their housemade sides and snacks.

It’s the perfect excuse to skip the ballgame and skip straight to the street faire, enjoying such classics as the Coney Island and experiencing new favorites such as the PB&J, which is a hotdog that is covered in, you guessed it, peanut butter, jelly, and bacon. With three trucks on the road, Starvin Marvin is available for any event of any size. Just send them a message to inquire today!

South Sound Tacoma Food Trucks
Packed with flavor and slowly cooked to a tender rendering, Texas Beef Brisket is a local favorite at The Man BBQ Food Truck. Photo courtesy: The Man BBQ Food Truck

The Man BBQ Food Truck

5717 S Tyler Street, Tacoma

Known coast to coast like butter and toast, The Man BBQ Food Truck has been enticing the streets of Tacoma with delicious aromas of barbecue specialties. They offer delicacies such as grilled ribs, Texas beef brisket, slammin’ sammies, and smoked chicken. For those not in the mood for BBQ, this truck also offers seasoned skinless chicken, meatballs, tortellini pasta with marina sauce, and lemon and olive oil marinated salmon.

Can’t get enough? Book selections from The Man’s catering and party planning menu. Are you interested in owning a food truck of your own or experiencing this business venture firsthand? Then come gain skills from “The Man” yourself with their earn-while-you-learn program to get all the knowledge of running your own food truck!

South Sound Tacoma Food Trucks
Enjoy tacos with a twist at Taste of Samoa Food Truck in Tacoma, where they’re ditching the tortilla for flattened manapua dough and savory Samoan meats. Photo courtesy: Taste of Samoa

Taste of Samoa

1101 Outlet Collection, Tacoma

Residents of South Sound can experience the distinct flavors of the Pacific Islands at Taste of Samoa, a local Tacoma food truck. Recently, Taste of Samoa has begun a new journey down a different road as it has undergone new ownership with Edward and Carmencita Leota (founder of TOS) and Viki and Lolini Atafua (new business partners) at the wheel. Together, they will continue the lasting legacy of Taste of Samoa as they aim to take the local food truck to new heights. Already, it has become a beloved staple of the community and a favorite for Pacific Island cuisine, having been invited to the Puyallup Fair’s Taste of the NW event. Here, they made a lasting impression that earned them the crown of “Best Eats of the NW” at the event in 2023. The flavors of Samoa resonated well with attendees, and the buzz around their dishes reverberated throughout the culinary world. So much so that they have been invited back yet again to this extraordinary event for the 2024 year.

This time, they plan to unveil their signature creation, Samoan Tacos, an innovative fusion dish that promises to tantalize taste buds and showcase the diversity and creativity of Samoan cuisine. For these one-of-a-kind tacos, they ditch the tortilla and use flattened manapau dough, then fill it with savory Samoan-style beef called povi masima and turkey “phat” (tail). Be sure to mark your calendars to try these tasty tacos at the event, and be sure to follow their Facebook page for locations and hours of operation as they continue their focus on finding a permanent home in the Puget Sound area. With new owners at the wheel and a bright future ahead, there’s no doubt we will continue to see Taste of Samoa make waves in the culinary world as they bring their vibrant flavors to the community! 

South Sound Tacoma Food Trucks
You’ll have something to taco-about after grabbing a Tacos Party Platter from Ricos Tacos for your next event. Photo courtesy: Ricos Tacos

Ricos Tacos

5015 Center Street, Tacoma

Are you craving delicious Mexican food? Look no further than Ricos Tacos, one of the region’s best and finest highly decorated food trucks. Consistently recognized as one of the Three Best Rated Food Trucks in Tacoma, the friendly staff and stellar service keep customers returning for more, along with the above and beyond delicious grub.

From favorites like Ricos Torta and Camarones al Mojo to sizzling fajitas and carne asada tacos, Ricos Tacos offers a taste of Mexico that won’t disappoint. Don’t forget to quench your thirst with their refreshing horchata or lemonade – the perfect ending to a truly satisfying meal.

Of course, these aren’t the only local food trucks serving delicious grub in Tacoma’s South Sound community! There are plenty more to choose from, each offering unique dishes, tastes, and experiences, so explore what these tiny restaurants on wheels have to offer.