The TwinStar Credit Union and the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce team up several times a year to raise money for various causes, especially to raise scholarship money for area high school students. In fact, TwinStar and its employees are so involved in helping area residents that the chamber awarded them with a special honor – Business of the Year for 2017.

Linda Smith, president and CEO of the Lakewood Chamber explains why TwinStar was chosen as Business of the Year:

Lakewood Chamber of Commerce
The TwinStar Credit Union and the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce team up several times a year to raise money for various causes. Photo courtesy: TwinStar

“TwinStar is known throughout our area for their outstanding customer service and quality relationships. TwinStar is also well known for their support of the needs of our local students who wish to pursue continuing their education.”

Jose Galvan, TwinStar’s business development officer, is very proud of what TwinStar has accomplished. “The team at TwinStar are serious about relationship building and understand the importance of building rapport with their friends in the business community first—to get to know them and their needs before offering services,” he says. “It makes the people they meet and connect with feel valued.”

The symbiotic relationship between the Chamber and TwinStar manifests itself in myriad ways. The credit union sponsors the Lakewood Chamber’s highly anticipated annual chili cook-off, which benefits the chamber’s business students of the year scholarship recipients.

Cindy Sims and Jose Galvan
Jose Galvan and Cindy Sims. Photo courtesy: TwinStar

For the scholarships, one Lakewood student is selected from Clover Park High School, one from Lakes High School and one from Harrison Preparatory School. One student is also chosen from Clover Park Technical College and one from Pierce College. Scholarships are for students seeking a degree in business.

Another joint effort between the two is the Annual Christmas Dinner and Auction, which is the chamber’s primary fundraiser for the year. Funds collected from the auction enable the chamber to provide networking, marketing and lobbying for members and the local business community at large.

This year’s event theme is “Snow What Fun!” The winter wonderland atmosphere and holiday music will provide ambience for the plated dinner, as attendees shopping for family, friends, co-workers and employees.

And such a tight knit relationship exists precisely because of the personal relations involved. “TwinStar has been a member of the chamber for the past five years. Out of that relationship, we are grateful that one of their employees—Cindy Sims—has served as an ambassador, as well as sat on our Board of Directors.” says Smith.

Cindy Sims Lakewood Chamber
Cindy Sims has served as an ambassador, as well as sat on the Lakewood Chamber Board of Directors. Photo courtesy: TwinStar

“This commitment requires true affection for, and personal allegiance to, the mission of our organization. We have established additional relationships with their marketing team over the past several years and feel confident we will continue a long-term partnership with TwinStar.”

Cindy Sims feels the same affection for the chamber that it feels for her: “I have been involved with the Lakewood Chamber for over 10 years and absolutely love this chamber. They have such a variety of events, with different times that you can attend something several times a month. The networking is great, you build terrific friendships and you have fun!”

For more information about TwinStar, TwinStar Credit Union website or call them at 800-258-3115. For more on the chamber, visit the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce website or call them at 253-582-9400.