During the sparkling days of summer, rare as they feel in the Pacific Northwest, temperatures are warm, days are long and we practically live outdoors. But at night, when we tumble into bed, the heat can keep us tossing and turning. This is where wool, that beloved wintertime staple, comes in handy. Wool bedding from Holy Lamb Organics stays cool all summer long so you wake up refreshed.

Holy Lamb Organics
Wool may seem like a winter weather material but it’s known far and wide for breathability, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. Photo courtesy: Holy Lamb Organics

Most of us think of wool as super warm, slightly scratchy, and used primarily in suits, blankets, furniture and high-end textiles. But today’s products run the gamut and do so much more than keep you toasty. At Holy Lamb they produce and sell everything from mattresses to bedding, home goods to pet supplies. Their natural and certified organic wool products are locally sourced and sustainably crafted.

If you’re a hot sleeper due to medication, menopause or that’s just how you roll, bedtime may have you rolling indeed. Night sweats and insomnia can be caused by a variety of issues and Healthline suggests combatting them with a cooler room, drinking plenty of water and replacing “plush or heavy blankets with breathable sheets, light quilts, or even moisture-wicking sheets.”

“Moisture wicking really helps with temperature regulation since it saves folks from waking up soaked in sweat,” agrees Jason Schaefer, who owns Holy Lamb Organics with his wife, Mindy. “Folks can definitely feel the benefits of wool in their sleep situation with simple changes like a wool pillow, or a wool comforter or wool topper. It’s all about airflow and moisture wicking. A little airflow goes a long way—like a small fan on a hot day—but more is definitely better, think of a large fan on a hot day.”

Holy Lamb Organics
At Holy Lamb Organics they sell a wide variety of wool and wool blend bedding, mattresses and more to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Photo courtesy: Holy Lamb Organics

In a conventional mattress, body heat is also retained in the synthetic materials and flame retardant chemicals added during manufacturing. But wool is naturally safer. “Wool actually outperforms traditional materials used to create a flame resistant surface,” says Schaefer. “When we send our items off to be burned to pass the federal regulations, the flames smolder out once the blow torch—yes, it’s literally a blow torch—is turned off. Other materials just keep the flames from growing for the 30 minutes the test requires. In short, from a risk of fire to a risk of chemical inhalation, our mattresses are safe for kids, babies and families.”

Itchy at night or waking up with a bumpy rash? Could be dust mites. Thankfully, wool bedding can also protect you from their tiny pincers. “Dust mites hate wool,” says Schaefer, “And its antimicrobial and anti-bacterial.”

Outside of a more pleasant night’s sleep, wool is good for the environment as well. Econation reports that wool is both natural and renewable, biodegradable, durable, easy care, and a natural multi-climate insulator.

At Holy Lamb, their five-inch-thick all wool mattresses are chemical and scent free, resist mold and mildew, and assist in relieving your body’s stress points when you sleep. They also sell collections of wool and latex mattresses, total latex mattresses, and a variety of others like organic, spring and Shikibuton.

Happy with your current mattress but looking for other ways to sleep cooler? Try one of Holy Lamb’s wooly pillows instead. Whether fully stuffed with wool or as wool-wrapped latex, they even come as a nursing pillow, small size for children or travel, yoga bolster, living room cushions and pet beds. Because let’s face it, our tiny and/or furry family members wake us up on occasion too. There are wool comforters and blankets of every weight to snuggle under and pieces of fleece and raw materials for crafting projects galore.

Holy Lamb Organics
Many hot sleepers find that wool’s natural qualities allow them to sleep comfortably all night long no matter what the temperature outside. Photo courtesy: Holy Lamb Organics

Why spend so much time pondering bedding? The answer is simple. A good night’s sleep is rare and valuable. Healthline doctors agree that “it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising.” Their research shows poor sleep is tied to higher body weight, decreased concentration and productivity, and increased risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, diabetes and inflammation. As they conclude “Along with nutrition and exercise, good sleep is one of the pillars of health. You simply cannot achieve optimal health without taking care of your sleep.”

And while high-quality wool bedding can’t solve anxiety, stress, chronic conditions or medication interactions, it can help your body do what it does best: relax, rest and recharge. Follow Holy Lamb on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for style ideas then visit one of their locations. Until then, stay cool and sweet dreams.

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