Honoring the active military who keep our nation strong is something we all should do on a daily basis. These individuals choose to dedicate a portion of their lives to our nation’s safety and security. At Boggs Inspection Services, they routinely provide military discounts, but May is Military Appreciation Month so that discount is doubled all month long.

Boggs Inspection Services
This May, honor Military Appreciation Month by spoiling a vet or active duty family in your life. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Military Appreciation Month was designated by Congress in 1999 as a way for all Americans to publicly show their affection for our soldiers, both veterans and active duty. According to Military.com, during this time “the president makes a proclamation, reminding Americans of the important role the U.S. Armed Forces have played in the history and development of our country. May was chosen because it has many individual days marked to note our military’s achievements, including Loyalty Day, established in 1921, Victory in Europe (VE) Day commemorating the end of WWII in Europe in 1945, Children of Fallen Patriots Day and the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden.”

At Boggs Inspection Services, they chose to increase May’s military discount from $25 to $50 in tribute and celebration. “Honoring the men and women who serve our country has always been important to us,” says team member Heather Derrick. “We see their sacrifice and commitment, along with their families, and we want to do what we can to show our support and appreciation. And living in a military community, we help military families all the time, so we regularly see the need for continued support.”

Thanks to the ease of home purchases with a VA loan, many soldiers and their families can take steps towards homeownership. But as with any large purchase, a qualified inspection beforehand is vital. For nearly 20 years, Boggs has performed home, pest and pre-listing inspections as well as infrared scans, re-inspections, maintenance checkups and inspections of new construction or luxury properties.

Boggs Inspection Services
At Boggs Inspection Services, they double their military discount each year in honor of Military Appreciation Month. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

“No matter what home you’re buying, 100 years old, new construction, VA loan, cash, or any other type of funding, we will always recommend a home inspection,” says Derrick. “Uncovering the true condition of a home is essential before making, what is likely to be, the largest purchase in your life. The perfect house doesn’t exist—a home inspector will find concerns in any house—from the bottom of the market to the top.”

It’s this extensive knowledge that helps buyers and sellers every day. VA loans come with tremendous benefits but also specific requirements to be met. At Boggs, their inspection process is always thorough, regardless of the type of loan you are seeking. “We don’t do anything different in our protocols for a VA loan except make notes to the client regarding certain things that VA loans will be pickier on,” explains George Green. “Generally, they’re maintenance items like caulk and paint along with any decay, electrical issues, wood-destroying insects and more.”

But once obtained, a VA loan on a Boggs inspected house can put your mind at ease for many years. Low-interest VA loans don’t require a down payment or mortgage insurance and the benefit never expires and can be used over and over again. When backed by a comprehensive Boggs inspection, families can focus on making a home for themselves, wherever they end up.

Boggs Inspection Services
VA loans are a wonderful way for families to own their home but the inspection process requires a little extra. At Boggs, they know what to expect. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

In the meantime, consider reading through their sample monthly Home Maintenance Checklist to avoid any unforeseen surprises or Pre-Listing      Checklist if you’re getting ready to sell. They also provide an informative blog with information on a wide range of topics. End up needing a little work done? Boggs provides a list of recommended contractors in everything from alarm companies to waterproofing.

Real estate agents can get approved CE units when attending continuing education classes on such topics as Going Green and the Top 10 Most Common Home Defects. Check in with staff about these upcoming get-togethers and read through their sample report to get the hang of the layout and lingo.

To learn more about services like Boggs Inspection Packages, specialty inspections, or pre-offer review, evaluation and consultation submit your request for a free quote today. You can also schedule an inspection online or call 360.480.9602 with questions.

Know a soldier in need of spoiling? Check out a list of year-round and Military Appreciation Month discounts with new items added regularly. Don’t forget that the Friday before Mother’s Day is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day falls on the third Saturday in May and Memorial Day is the last Monday in May as well. For all they’ve done for us, let’s give our uniformed neighbors, friends and family a little extra love and support.


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