The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection | The Myth of Absence

08/01/2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Tacoma Art Museum
1701 Pacific Ave. Tacoma
WA 98402
Tacoma Art Museum

Through a powerful and engaging interactive presentation, Bernard, Shirley, and Khalil Kinsey give an in-depth view and perspective of the objects and periods in history featured in the Kinsey African American Art & History Collection. The presentation inspires, educates, and entertains – filling in gaps to the American story by highlighting the many and often untold examples of African American achievement and contribution. During this dynamic presentation, audiences are introduced to the “Myth of Absence” concept that has played a significant role in America’s view of African Americans. Serving as a virtual tour of The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection, the presentation prompts you to question what you were taught and challenges thought processes in regards to race and contribution in America.

Please plan to arrive on time or early, we will release seats at 2 pm.

This program will be held in our event space just off the lobby with easy access from both entrances to the museum. The lecture will be recorded and available to view on our Youtube channel after the event.

We are limiting our capacity for this in-person event in regulation with the Pierce County Health Department’s regulations. All visitors are required to wear a mask. More information about how TAM is keeping you healthy can be found here.

For questions please contact Amelia Layton, Public Programs Manager at

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