Annette Lanker has always felt a deep love for animals, above all she loves turning them into pets for herself or others. She’s made her life and career into one that allows her to help people all the time. She wants other pet parents to understand the tools to give pets an optimal life and deliver them to the vet when it’s necessary in the best way possible.

Starting in the mid-1980s, Annette started working with animals and excels in providing them the care they need. One point in her career found her working with a vet in Utah. While it was great to help the pets that came into the clinic, she quickly became disheartened by the “throw away” mentality towards dogs in the area she worked. This is because of larger families and their need to spend their resources on the human members of their families. Annette knew she had to take her love and passion in a different direction.

Annette Lanker
Owner Annette Lanker took her love and animals and turned it into her vocation. Photo courtesy: Holy Cow Critters

Annette started Holy Cow Critters to share her life-changing and saving knowledge pet professionals and pet parents alike. “I was surprised to find out how many people had no idea how to perform basic techniques which may save their pet’s life.”

Through Holy Cow Critters, Annette teaches people techniques that can be used when emergency situations involving a pet pop up. These situations may call for pet CPR, choking management, bleeding protocols, heat and cold injuries, poisoning, bites and stings, and injury assessment.

“Your pets are counting on you”, says Annette. Pets aid in your happiness and well-being. “As a pet parent, you are in charge of their entire happiness and well-being. That’s why it is so important to know preventative as well as emergency care.”

In one of her classes, Annette teaches simple and effective ways to not only handle emergency situations. She also shows you things you need to be doing daily to help ensure your pet is living the good life. Life is better when they’re healthy, happy and stress-free.

Holy Cow Critters
Annette Lanker of Holy Cow Critters and company. Photo courtesy: Holy Cow Critters

Annette also educates about proper nutrition, how it keeps pets active and thriving, and connect pet parents to one of the best sources of food and treats. By partnering with pawTree, she also offers customized food for your cats and dogs. The pawTree food your pet receives is customized for them, their breed, and activity level. The foods are made with natural ingredients that pets need to stay healthy and balanced. Also, each bag of food comes with a picture of your pet and their name on it!

Annette just finished the holiday season, a very busy part of her year as a pet educator. It’s very common for people to get new dogs for their families during the holidays. Although it’s less common for families to put these pets up for adoption after the holidays, it still happens. Annette wishes this wasn’t the case. To help reduce the number of pets in the stressful shelters, HCC offers a class, as well as individual meetings with potential pet parents.

“I talk with families to get information about the type of home they want to bring a pet into, and what type of pet, such as breed of dog, would be a good fit for that home. Nothing is worse than wanting a pet, going through the steps to buy it and prepare for life with it, surprising the kids, and getting a dog into a new home, only to realize that it isn’t what they wanted or they don’t have the means to take care of it.”

Holy Cow Critters
Fans meeting Annette and Petey the Wonder Whippet at a trade show. February, 2016. Photo courtesy: Holy Cow Critters

Talking with Annette and finding the best pet for your situation and lifestyle is an important step in the pet ownership process simply because you don’t want the feelings that come with giving up a pet shortly after you welcomed it into your home.

Another thing Annette believes in is the power of intention and energy medicine. Using a technique, she learned from Holistic Touch for Animals (HTA), Annette restores balance to a pet’s energy system. The energy system of all beings needs to be stabilized to allow the bodily response to support the immune system, which helps healing and well-being. Using her hands, Annette clears and balances the energy using HTA techniques so the body can help itself heal. Animals are helped by this because natural instincts allow for their reception of energy medicine.

There are many ways in which Annette and Holy Cow Critters can ensure the health and well-being of your favorite fur babies. The Holy Cow Critters Facebook Page has more information. You can reach Annette at 253-208-4625 to set up an appointment, book a class, or learn more about what pet is right for you!

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