This month, our readers’ favorite pieces all had a little element of surprise to them – places or activities that not everyone knows about or places to eat that don’t always get the buzz they deserve. In fact, two of our top three articles were food focused!

Read on to find out what April’s top stories were!

1. Go Whale Watching at Point Defiance

The tail of a humpback whale, as seen from the Dalco Passage overlook at Point Defiance. Photo credit: Cassy Suratos

Most residents of the Pacific Northwest think about whale watching, with their minds drifting to the coast to see 20,000 gray whales migrate each spring, or find themselves daydreaming of boating around the San Juan Islands, watching orcas in their natural environment. When it comes to seeing whales, few, if any, think of Tacoma and the viewpoints around Point Defiance Park. Yet, each year, our corner of wilderness along the Puget Sound has dozens of whale sightings. Find out how you can increase your chances of spotting a whale at Point Defiance.

2. I’ll Bite: Tacoma Chili Parlor Brings a Taste of Cincinnati to South Sound

Wayne Whalen, an Army transplant from Ohio, introduced the iconic taste of Cincinnati to the Pacific Northwest with the Chili Parlor. Photo courtesy: The Chili Parlor

As Wayne Whalen of Tacoma’s Chili Parlor can attest, all chilis are not created equal. To some, this stick-to-your-ribs dish conjures up fond memories and the nostalgia of a favorite family recipe. For others, it’s a decadent topping for hot dogs and fries. Still others revere chili for its spicy kick that leaves the eyes watering. But now Tacoma has its own Cincinnati-style chili joint for something pretty unique on the local restaurant scene.

3. Fantastic Gyros and Where to Find Them

It’s Greek to Me’s famous and first chicken gyro: “We still make them the same way we did 24 years ago.” Photo courtesy: Jim Wick and Erin Riffe

Gy-ro, hero, your-o…no matter how you pronounce it, you know gyros are a delicious and unique food that are popping up in many restaurants in the Puget Sound area. The sandwich is traditionally a delightful blend of beef and lamb slowly heated to perfection on a rotisserie, topped with cheese, onion, tomatoes, lettuce and the tangy flavor of tzatziki (pronounced tot-zeek-ee) sauce all nestled in a warm pita bread blanket. Is your mouth watering yet? If yes, here are places to find amazing gryos in the Tacoma area.

4. Editor’s Choice: Comcast Cares Event Helps to Expand Hilltop Urban Gardens

More than 200 volunteers participated in the Comcast Cares Day event. Photo credit: Daniel Beers

It was a dreary day on Saturday, April 23, in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood. Scattered showers were in the forecast, a day that most people would spend indoors. However, rainy weather wasn’t about to stop a group of about 200 eager Comcast employees from both the Fife and Tacoma offices and their families from volunteering their time and energy to help support the Hilltop Urban Gardens (affectionately referred to as HUG) at their 16th annual Comcast Cares Day event.

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