The Uncharted Waters Float Center, often called “the Float Center” for short, has added a new and highly experienced acupuncturist to their Tacoma facility. In addition to massage, float tanks, hands-on Reiki therapy, nutrition and meditation services, patients can now experience the lasting benefits of acupuncture. This age-old method of healing is paired with Chinese herbs from the caring hands of Master Kenneth Noble, who joined the team at Uncharted Waters in October of 2017.

Kenneth has been practicing the ancient art of acupuncture for more than 16 years. He received his master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Bastyr University. The prestigious school is located north of Seattle and is well-known as the top school in the United States for natural medicine. Kenneth relocated to Washington from his home state of South Carolina to learn acupuncture after struggling to find a more conventional method to help heal his aging grandmother.

Uncharted Waters
Uncharted Waters Float Center is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

“I spent a lot of time with my grandmother,” says Kenneth. “She didn’t drive, so I drove her to a lot of her doctor appointments. Sometimes just because they were limited in time, it wasn’t always the best care she could get, so I always wanted to find something I could do that I felt maybe might augment what she’s doing and make her get better faster. I looked at doing acupuncture and it seemed really keen. Not only for acupuncture, but for Chinese herbs, too. A lot of medicines are derived from those herbs.”

After completing his degree and graduating from Bastyr, Kenneth went on to open his own practice in University Place. The practice was successful and business was booming, but after 15 years, Kenneth found that he longed for a more familial environment. That’s when he found Uncharted Waters.

Kenneth explains how, “I was a solo practice and I wanted to be with other people. I met the owners [of Uncharted Waters], Jon and Sarah, and they were so friendly, so open. I thought, hey, I need some of that energy.” Kenneth’s relaxed demeanor and intense love for acupuncture and Chinese herbs pairs perfectly with the easy-going energy at Uncharted Waters. This relaxed vibe and earnest focus on natural healing enables patients to experience the most intense care possible in the field of natural medicine.

Kenneth Noble
Noble is enthusiastic about acupuncture and committed to helping people heal. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

At Uncharted Waters, the staff like to focus on both mental and physical health. “We say people have three things that cause illness: physical trauma, mental stress and toxicity in your body,” says Kenneth.

During the initial intake of new patients, staff will evaluate the physical aspects of the body by identifying pressure points and points of energy, examining the toxicity of the body with a pH test, measuring the energy your body is outputting and identifying issues within the body from those energy levels, and administering other tests like an adrenal test to evaluate cortisol and stress levels which could affect sleep, digestion, attitude and the immune system. This comprehensive exam is meant to deeply assess the entire body to ensure all mental and physical issues can be addressed. “You’re an entire person,” explains Kenneth, “and that all effects how much and how fast you are going to heal.”

Kenneth is inspired and well-practiced in his method of natural medicine. Some people might find the idea of acupuncture to be scary or even terrifying due to the sharp needles used in the process, but Kenneth’s energy and attitude make it a calm experience. Kenneth would love to invite everyone to give this method of healing a try and not to be afraid.

Urban Waters Kenneth Noble
Master Kenneth Noble has a large variety of Chinese herbs available at the Uncharted Waters Float Center to help heal everything from sleep issues to heart problems, stomach problems and more. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

“I make sure to use the smallest, best needles that you can use, so you don’t feel it. I want you to be comfortable,” says Kenneth. The benefits of acupuncture can, in most cases, be instantly felt, whether someone is looking to treat stress, pain, headaches or other ailments, acupuncture is the perfect solution. Kenneth explains, “If you’re looking for a different solution to what you’re already doing, if it’s like your wheels are spinning, and you’re tired of going through the traditional medical system, if you feel like you’re in a rat race, then definitely come to the center and we’ll have something here for you.”

The entire staff at the Uncharted Waters Float Center would like to invite all, young and old, to come for a visit. Relax your mind, heal your spirit and treat pain and stress. The methods of healing and relaxation available at Uncharted Waters are just another way Washington State healers are paving the way toward the broad use of natural medicine.

To make an acupuncture appointment with Master Kenneth Noble or for other services at the Uncharted Waters Float Center, visit their website, call their office at 253-564-2353 or stop in at 3837 S. 12th Street Tacoma, WA 98405.


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