It’s not difficult to notice when a new season begins at the Grays Harbor Raceway. From the lights and sounds of the track, to the cheers of the crowd going wild, excitement emulates and draws in the masses. Gates for the first scheduled event on April 21 will open at 5:30 p.m. with the event lasting from 7:00 p.m. to around 10:00 p.m. The first event of the year will feature many thrilling races featuring sprint cars, modifieds, street stocks and tuners all opening the 2018 season in style.

Track manager at Grays Harbor Raceway, Bert Johnson, can already feel the anticipation looming and can’t wait for another season at the track he’s grown to know and love. “This setting is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” says Bert. As a former driver at Grays Harbor Raceway himself, Bert anxiously awaits the beginning of another season opener. “It really is a place that people of all ages can gather and have fun together. There’s a type of race that anyone can get excited to watch.”

Grays Harbor Raceway
The grandstands are the ideal places to get a birds eye view of the racetrack below.
Photo courtesy: Grays Harbor Raceway

The scheduled season at the Grays Harbor Raceway includes numerous styles of races that are planned to run weekly throughout the duration of 2018. Many of these events draw in large crowds, with the grandstands being able to seat upward of 6,500 excited fans. One event that’s expected to draw in an enormous crowd is a brand new class taking place on the May 12. This race will feature vintage modifieds – including many pre-WWII car bodies – and will be unique during the 2018 season. A couple of other events that have are known for their popularity include the Rolling Thunder Big Rigs show that features 1000 horsepower semi-trucks taking place on August 18, the World of Outlaws on September 3, and the heavily anticipated Monster Slam ‘18 lasting a span of two days on September 15-16.

Grays Harbor Raceway stands out from other tracks due to the friendly approach that the racers often greet their fans after races with. “The racers at the track recognize the importance of treating their fans well,” says Bert. “These small gestures make for a really friendly atmosphere for fans at the raceway. Our fans can expect to see racers from across the state and country, as well as some familiar faces from right here in the Harbor.”

Grays Harbor Raceway
Cheer for local racers from Grays Harbor and from across the country at the raceway. Photo courtesy: Grays Harbor Raceway

With the opening of another season, supporters of the raceway can mark their calendars for the scheduled fireworks shows that draw in huge crowds. Plan on attending the July 7 show that honors our nation’s founding to watch the Q Mart Fireworks and Mid-Season Championship. There will also be another fireworks display on September 8 that will end car racing season with a bang.

Inclement weather conditions can sometimes cause delays for racing events, and unfortunately can occasionally cause cancellations. “The most up-to-date information and status of the races is constantly being restructured on our website and on our official Facebook page,” explains Steve Beitler, promotions company owner at the raceway. “We never want our fans to feel out of the loop and not know what to expect. With that being said, we can’t wait to bring another racing season to Grays Harbor!”

Grays Harbor Raceway
Vehicles on display give guests an up-close look at the mechanics and immense size of the cars they see racing around the track. Photo courtesy: Grays Harbor Raceway

Plan accordingly for your visit to Grays Harbor and stay for the weekend at the campsites available at the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds. For all regular weekends, the cost is just $20 per space, per night. For the special World of Outlaw weekend spaces run $25 per space, per night. Pitch a tent and have some fun all in one place!

Fans at the Grays Harbor Raceway have been enjoying the thrilling, family-fun atmosphere for over three decades. Just one visit to the raceway will keep fans coming back to experience this unique event space in Grays Harbor.


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