Boggs Inspection Services Shares Energy Efficiency Tips


We all want an efficient home.  Not only for conservation of funds, but for conservation of the resources we rely upon – electricity, natural gas, oil and water.  However, wanting to be efficient and knowing what to do are very different things.

Dwayne Boggs of Boggs Home Inspection Service has seen his share of inefficient homes, as well as some top performers and shares his tips.  “It’s really about investing in your home in ways that pay you back,” he shares.  Try some of these tips during the cold winter months and track the changes both in the way your home feels and your bill.

Supply Lines

Everything that comes into our homes travels through a pipe or wire.  These lines are places where energy escapes our homes.  It’s a simple thing to check those lines, particularly hot water lines, to ensure efficiency.  But beyond wrapping the pipes, Boggs suggests checking all access points where supply lines enter or exit the home whether water, sewer, cable or electric.  “Every time a line penetrates the home, there is the opportunity for heat to escape, or heat to get in, making the home less efficient,” explains Boggs.

By simply sealing all penetration points, homeowners can greatly improve their home’s efficiency.  While you can tackle this project yourself, best results are achieved when hiring a professional to do the sealing, ensuring nothing is missed.

Water Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure reducing valves, also called water pressure regulators, are small affordable devices that homeowners can use to maximize water conservation.  They perform two functions:  (1) they automatically reduce the high pressure coming from the water main to a more appropriate level for home use, reducing consumption and (2) they regulate the pressure to a set amount, usually 50psi or below, to protect household appliances from undo wear and tear from excessive water pressure.

The result is a reduction in water used, heated, and therefore put into your sewer system.  The savings not only show up in your water bill but your sewer charges as well and homeowners can effectively reduce consumption by 1/3, saving a valuable resources – water.   Valves can be obtained from many sources, but Boggs suggests calling a licensed plumbing contractor to ensure optimum results.

There are many other ways to create an energy efficient home year round, but these two easy upgrades are inexpensive and show immediate results in both comfort and your wallet.