Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready with Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma

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Summer is over and it’s time to start thinking about trips to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding adventures. This of course raises a few important safety questions: What traction devices do I need? And, what preparations should I make for winter driving conditions?

These are important questions to ask yourself now before the rush for winter traction products hits and you have trouble finding what you need at the last minute.

First it’s important to have a good definition and understanding of what “Traction Tires Advised/Required” means.

An approved traction tire, whether on a four-wheel, all-wheel drive vehicle or a standard vehicle, must have at least an eighth of an inch of tread and be labeled M&S, All Season, or have a Mountain/Snowflake symbol.

A tire with this little tread depth is far from an effective traction tire in professionals circles. A tire at this level is severely worn and should be removed from service.

However, when you install approved chains, any tire becomes a traction tire.

When you see or hear this warning: “Tire chains required” What it means is –  except four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles. In extreme weather conditions, the advisory may indicate chains are required on all wheel drive vehicles, so be sure to carry chains with you, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

Safety is the utmost importance. Take time to be prepared.

Courtesy Auto offers many options for winter traction products from Ice Breaker Chain for severe off-road conditions to products for traversing the mountain passes. Whether you drive a Mercedes S600 with Ultra High Performance extremely low profile tires to a Chevy Corsica sedan. We offer high quality, easy to install products that won’t break your knuckles installing them. Courtesy Auto offers some of the best winter tires on the market in many different brands. That is why local law enforcement and the Washington State Patrol count on us to provide all types of Winter Traction tires and other Winter Traction products.  Safety – That’s what its all about.

Here are some helpful links  to assist in winter preparedness.

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