In May, our readers’ favorite pieces all had to do with people doing things in our community, whether that meant serving up art and business opportunities, people creating cool crafts or folks working in public service. It’s the people living in the South Sound that make the community go ’round, after all.

Read on to find out more about your top stories!

1. What Exactly is Spaceworks Tacoma?

Murals like this one, sponsored by Spaceworks and its art-advocating program, Artscape, highlight the creative talent in Tacoma and create a welcoming community. Photo courtesy: Spaceworks

2. Jack Eide’s Unique Birdhouses in Puyallup and Beyond

The birdhouse man himself: Jack Eide. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

3. Public Service with a Smile: Library Manager Paul Stonebridge

Paul Stonebridge welcomes everyone to the South Hill Library. Photo courtesy: Paul Stonebridge

4. Editor’s Choice: South Sound Running’s Pub Run: Putting Two Amazing Things Together

Pub Runs are for anyone 21 and over who like to run and drink beer. Photo credit: Ben Crabtree