In May, our readers’ favorite pieces all had to do with people doing things in our community, whether that meant serving up art and business opportunities, people creating cool crafts or folks working in public service. It’s the people living in the South Sound that make the community go ’round, after all.

Read on to find out more about your top stories!

1. What Exactly is Spaceworks Tacoma?

Murals like this one, sponsored by Spaceworks and its art-advocating program, Artscape, highlight the creative talent in Tacoma and create a welcoming community. Photo courtesy: Spaceworks

Residents of Tacoma have probably heard the word “Spaceworks” used here and there, but since it’s associated with so many projects and businesses it can be hard to nail down exactly what Spaceworks is and what they do. However, small business owners know the program for the opportunity it affords startups and the big impact it has had on the creative scene. Learn more as writer Mariah Beckman delves into what the program has done for Tacoma and what it hopes to do in the future.

2. Jack Eide’s Unique Birdhouses in Puyallup and Beyond

The birdhouse man himself: Jack Eide. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

After 17 years at the Puyallup Farmer’s Market, Jack Eide has spread love far and wide with his creations. Jack’s birdhouses are built strong with cedar and adorned with birch wood, rocks, glass, gems, tiles and many other dazzling materials. Whether placed in the branches of an ancient cedar or on the porch, Jack’s Unique Birdhouses are the perfect home for any feathered friend. Writer Shelby Beckwith chats with Jack to learn how and why he’s committed his craft to birdhouses.

3. Public Service with a Smile: Library Manager Paul Stonebridge

Paul Stonebridge welcomes everyone to the South Hill Library. Photo courtesy: Paul Stonebridge

You’d never know that Paul Stonebridge is still getting his feet wet as he seems such a natural fit for what he does and the community around him. This public employee isn’t only new to his job – Stonebridge is new to the entire state of Washington. He relocated from Florida last November to take the helm of Puyallup’s South Hill Library, one of the Pierce County Library System’s 20 branches. Learn about the man behind the desk as writer Ily Goyanes finds out more about why he does the work he does.

4. Editor’s Choice: South Sound Running’s Pub Run: Putting Two Amazing Things Together

Pub Runs are for anyone 21 and over who like to run and drink beer. Photo credit: Ben Crabtree

Like beer? Like running? Like meeting other people who enjoy those things too? South Sound Running has been hosting Pub Runs on Ruston Way since the summer of 2016, and has been hosting them at the Puyallup location well before that. Yet these monthly events are a long way from how it all began. Writer Daniel Beers tried running with the group to see what it’s all about.

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