New to downtown, Tacoma’s Night Market is unlike anything else in town. Bustling with life, this monthly event combines the magic of local artists and makers, music, food and more.

This electric new addition to town all started with one woman and a dream based on her past experiences. Leah Morgan – a Tacoma local, longtime glass artist and owner of Nap Northwest – started the Tacoma Night Market as a place to bring Tacoma’s creative community together. “I’ve done a bunch of markets throughout the years, and I was wanting to touch on all the things that through my own experiences I felt that I was lacking at some these events,” Leah tells us. “I wanted to create a vibe and environment that is supportive and welcoming to the artists. I wanted to give all of these wonderful, talented artists and makers a space that was beautiful and showcased their work well, almost like a gallery setting.”

Leah Morgan, founder of Tacoma's Night Market
Leah Morgan, founder of Tacoma’s Night Market, with longtime supporter and friend, Darold. Darold owns a shop in Seattle called Mort’s Cabin and helped Leah start her sewing business, Nap Northwest, which features colorful custom Pendleton wool pillows and more. Photo credit: Taylor Jones Photo

From the lighting and ambiance, to music and more, the Tacoma Night Market has something special for everyone. “At other markets, I would be getting all set up and realize that I hadn’t eaten anything that day, or could really go for a coffee, or maybe a mimosa!” Leah took all these aspects into consideration and dreamed up a special space that has it all. “We all work hard to make art and have work that we want to share with our community, but we don’t always have the right environment to showcase those,” Leah says. After much time spent preparing the market, curating participants and rallying support, Tacoma’s first Night Market took place on May 5, 2018, and was an unbelievable success.

“The first event was really amazing! There were a bunch of talented folks and Tacoma just really showed up in full force to help support,” Leah said with excitement. “We popped champagne, toasted to everyone and gave thanks to them for being a part of this incredible event with me.”

The Tacoma Night Market is a free and all-ages-friendly event. Inside the market, you can expect to find a variety of 40 unique vendors showcasing everything from artwork, home designs, jewelry and textiles, to sweet children’s products, plants, and everything in between. Show up with an appetite to dine on delicious crispy lumpia by the talented team at Lumpia World, or enjoy old-world style baked goods, French pastries, and boiled bagels by Grit City Baking Co.

Downtown Tacoma Market
Shop from 40 different local vendors, artists and makers at the Night Market. Photo credit: Taylor Jones Photo

Oh, and did we mention there’s a bar? Grab a cocktail, kick back and relax at Tacoma Night Market’s full bar. Leah Morgan doubles as a bartender at Magoo’s Annex in North Tacoma and saw the Night Market’s bar as the perfect opportunity to give back. “We decided that the bar would be a rotating fundraiser for local non profits,” Leah explains. “Our last fundraiser and upcoming one will be supporting Radio Tacoma, which is a local radio station. The list of nonprofits around that are dear to my heart is long. It just felt like a really wonderful way for this event to give back to the community beyond just that day, to be able to have all the bar proceeds go straight towards a good cause.”

Upcoming nonprofits that Leah hopes to donate proceeds from the Night Market’s bar to include the Liz Rocks Foundation, L’Arche Homes throughout Tacoma, as well as a non-profit glass blowing studio that Leah and a friend are developing in the San Juan Islands.

Tacoma Night Market
The Tacoma Night Market takes place on the first Saturday of each month. Photo credit: Taylor Jones Photo

Leah’s goal for the market is to not only connect the community, but to also act as a different option for something to do in downtown Tacoma in the evening. “I liked the idea of providing something other than just hanging out at a bar,” Leah said. Enjoy the amazing food, drinks and inspiring collective of local vendors, or play a game of pool or pinball upstairs in their loft. “Come have a drink, hangout and play some games, but also shop, engage, and pick the brains of the artists,” Leah suggests.

An evening of giving back and supporting local businesses has never sounded better.

The Tacoma Night Market will occur on the first Saturday of each month and will feature rotating retail and food vendors.