There’s everyday fitness training. And then there’s something special. The customized, heart-centered approach offered by Anthony Creighton at OG Muscle (short for Organically Grown Muscle) is definitely the latter. Over the past year and a half or so in Tacoma, this local fitness coach has been building a following for his enthusiastic approach and genuine passion for helping people feel good about fitness. He has a genuine positive regard for each person he works with, and this radiates into all aspects of his business.

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Creighton recently opened the OG Muscle gym on Tacoma Avenue. For the past two years or so, Creighton has been bringing his unique style of fitness to the residents of Tacoma, across all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. He taught classes at the People’s Community Center and also helped run the Tacoma Vegan Market, and took the jump to open his own facility. From one-on-one personal training to Bootcamp (all Fitness Levels) and Weightlifting 101, he’s got something for everyone. His rates are very reasonable and you’ll likely find yourself becoming a regular.

Anthony Creighton
Tacoma local Anthony Creighton used his life experiences and passion for helping others to develop a whole-person approach to fitness with OG Muscle. Photo courtesy: Anthony Creighton

The philosophy behind OG Muscle comes straight from Anthony’s own life. Growing up, his mother passed away at age 42 from cancer, and he saw first-hand the effects of the lack of access to a healthy lifestyle on the ones he loved. He himself recovered from a back injury and had to re-build his physical strength. These events gave him a deep personal drive to help empower others to embrace physical fitness. He is certified in personal training and corrective exercises, and enjoys working with people from seniors to those with disabilities to find the right exercises for them. This expertise, combined with his genuinely warm demeanor (he’s quick with a smile and gentle humor, and always encouraging) has made people feel safe and positive around him.

One thing Anthony says is especially rewarding about the business is watching people develop their fitness and, as a result, improve their overall quality of life. Whether you’ve had an injury or are new to working out, or are already a seasoned fitness buff, Anthony is genuinely rooting for you. He says, “I love helping every client, and watching them go from feeling like they can’t do something to knowing that they can.”

OG Muscle Group Fitness Class
Students in an Organically Grown Fitness class have a blast, with exercises modified for all fitness levels. Photo courtesy: Anthony Creighton

The mission of OG Muscle goes way beyond the physical. Anthony believes that exercise can help benefit our mental health, and our outlook on life in addition to our bodies. He considers himself a servant of this fitness mission, and encourages clients to take care of themselves through exercise. And he notes it’s a natural way to boost ourselves up, without too many medications or artificial fixes: it gets to the heart of the matter. Nowadays many personal trainers push supplements and other products, and Anthony calls his approach “Organically Grown” because it is based on the natural well-being that exercise helps us tap into.

Walking into OG Muscle is not your typical exercise class. While the light-filled, well-appointed gym has some of your typical exercise equipment (various stations line the walls), everyone seems to be having…fun. It’s high-energy, but everyone is working out at their own pace. All ages, fitness levels and body types share a workout at rotating fitness stations, modifying activities for their level while enjoying the experience together. Anthony watches the class with heart and attention, and after class on a nice day, he leads the group out the front door to stretch and cool down in the sun. There’s plenty of laughter and warm camaraderie. Compared to serious, isolated big-box gym experiences, it feels like you’re definitely sitting in on something unique.

Anthony’s clients are enthusiastic and loyal. Jackie Stebbins says, at 70, Creighton has given her a whole new lease on her health. She’s been working with Anthony for about a year and a half, and is proud of what she can do now. “I can dead lift 115 pounds,” she says with a smile. She can also squat 85 pounds, and with Anthony’s encouragement and support, she can now do a pull-up. She says she enjoys working with him because, “He wants everybody to be healthy.”

OG Muscle Grand Opening
After building a faithful following for his positive and knowledgeable style, Anthony Creighton recently launched the OG Muscle facility on Tacoma Avenue. Photo courtesy: Anthony Creighton

Other class-goers are similarly enthusiastic. Andrea Mettler raves that he is fun, a good teacher, and always puts students’ safety first. Also a regular to his classes, she says, “It’s always been a good workout,” and keeps an eye on her schedule to see where she can add more. And students like that Anthony provides exercises that can become part of their everyday movements.

After class, students chat, talk with Anthony, and definitely talk about their next visit. You can sign up for personal training (free initial consultation included), group fitness classes, and even a free week of training to try it out. Bringing together a healthy lifestyle and community, it feels like OG Muscle is the beginning of a local movement. Working out differently, together, and for the whole person.

To learn more about Organically Grown Muscle and find out about upcoming classes, visit their website, and stay up to date with them on Facebook.

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