Sasquatch. Big Foot. C’iatqo. Do you believe in this wild, hairy being? Whether you are a die-hard believer or an open skeptic, the place to go for all things Bigfoot is the annual Sasquatch Summit at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. Taking place November 22-23, this Bigfoot research conference is one of the largest in the world and may even make a believer out of you.

The two-day event is full of guest speakers, vendors, workshops and lots of information. You can ask questions, or if you are a witness, share your story in the witness townhall. They will cover everything from the Sasquatch’s habitat to identifying authentic versus fake tracks. The Sasquatch Summit gets bigger every year and stands out from other Bigfoot conferences by providing many different sides, theories and research regarding the hunt for Sasquatch. And all are welcome, whether you believe or not: “We wanted a broad representation that covered the many credible views with the varied research, techniques & theories so guests would have as much information possible and make up their own minds.”

Sasquatch Summit 2019 first hand accounts
Meet legends in Sasquatch research and ask them your questions. Photo courtesy: Sasquatch Summit

Get your tickets early to ensure entrance to the Sasquatch Summit for just $40. Those looking for a more in-depth encounter can purchase the Sasquatch Summit with workshop tickets for $100. These tickets give you access to the two-day Summit as well as special workshops on Sunday. These workshops will be hosted by Dr. Jeff Medrum, Scott Taylor and one more host to be announced.

Everything kicks on Friday with a meet ‘n’ greet and a talk by Thom Cantrall and witness testimonies. Pursue the vendor hall both days and fill your bag with Sasquatch swag. Saturday is a full day starting with a blessing by a Quinault Elder, and then a day full of talks by Sasquatch Summit’s featured speakers:

Sasquatch Summit 2019
Listen to expert researchers as they tell you about the latest developments in the hunt for Bigfoot at the Sasquatch Summit November 22-23. Photo courtesy: Sasquatch Summit

Peter Byrne: He has dedicated his life to searching for cryptozoological subjects, and has even found funding for his searches. Semi-retired, it’s an honor to have him at the Sasquatch Summit.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum: Dr. Jeff Meldrum is a full professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. He has been enthralled with Sasquatch since his own encounter in southeastern Washington. He has written books on the subjects, including field guides.

Bob Gimlin: A rancher in the Yakima area, Bob Gimlin is most famous for being one half of the famous Patterson/Gimlin footage. You won’t want to miss his story.

SHE-Squatchers: This trio is the first all-female team from the Midwest to dedicate their time to search for Bigfoot. Find out what they know at the Sasquatch Summit!

Sasquatch Summit panels
Purchase a workshop ticket for $100 and attend the panels on Saturday, as well as special workshops on Sunday. Photo courtesy: Sasquatch Summit

Olympic Project: This research team consists of biologists, trackers, researchers and investigators to unveil every faucet of the lift of Bigfoot.

Thom Cantrall: Since 1958 Thom Cantrall has been researching Sasquatch. To say he has things to talk about it an understatement. He has even written several books. His first encounter with Bigfoot was on Washington’s own Olympia Peninsula.

Scott Taylor: Since 2006, Scott Taylor has gone on Bigfoot expeditions in Washington, Oregon and Utah. He has been a BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) investigator for six years and has investigated over 120 reports.

Todd Neiss: Todd Neiss has been actively researching Bigfoot for almost 26 years, since he had his own encounter. His research includes long-term expeditions in Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

Sasquatch Summit Vendors
Be sure to check out the Sasquatch Summit vendors, with all the Bigfoot swag you could want! Photo courtesy: Sasquatch Summit

Each of these speakers or groups has their own story to tell and you can only hear them by attending this year’s Sasquatch Summit at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. Stay close to the action with the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino or the Quinault Sweet Grass Hotel room packages for the event, which include two nights, two event T-shirts, two passes and more swag. Don’t forget to get your tickets ahead of time at the Sasquatch Summit website. They can also be purchased at the door.

According to a study from The Chapman University, over 20 percent of Americans believe Bigfoot is real. Investigate the legend at this year’s Sasquatch Summit.


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