What’s better than a perfect cup of coffee? A purrfect companion to keep you company while you joyfully indulge in your cup of joe.

That’s the idea behind Catffeinated, Tacoma’s new – and only – cat cafe. Owners Melanie Weaver and Kristi Martin decided to open their unique establishment after Kristi visited a cat cafe out of town and became enamored of the concept. 

The two had been wanting to open a business together and when Kristi brought up the idea, Melanie immediately agreed that it was purrfect.

So how does it work? We spoke with co-owner Kristi to get the goods. 

“Guests who come to Catffeinated can enjoy their favorite coffee, tea or a sweet treat and interact with the adoptable cats in the Cat Lounge. The cafe portion of our space has large glass windows for those who do not want to enter the Cat Lounge, but still want to see the cats,” she explains.

Cafe manager Rachel adopted a kitty from the cat lounge. Photo courtesy: Catffeinated

If you hit it off with one of the cool cats, you can begin the adoption process so you can take your new furry friend home. 

Catffeinated partners with the Auburn Valley Humane Society to find felines a forever home. Melanie and Kristi appreciated that AVHS’s adoption process is streamlined and simple, that they provide animals with the highest quality of care, and that the staff was excited to be a part of their plan. 

“Guests can complete the adoption application and pay the adoption fees during their visit to Catffeinated,” Kristi says. “Our Cat Guardian will send them an application to AVHS who then contacts the potential adopters. Upon approval, the adopters pick up their feline friend at Catffeinated that Sunday evening.”

Catffeinated takes care of getting your funds and paperwork to AVHS. You’ll receive the kitty’s medical history, microchip information, coupons from AVHS, a bag of food from First Mate, and even a certificate for a free vet visit from a list of partner veterinarians in the area.

Just make sure not to fall in love with a fluffy, orange beauty named Fanta, Catffeinated’s resident cat, often called “the lady of the house.” 

catffeinated tacoma
Fanta aka the Lady of the house. Photo courtesy: Catffeinated

While finding rescue cats a furever home is a noble endeavor, providing people with the opportunity to spend time with them is just as important. 

Think of all the animal lovers who live in “no pets” residences who are missing out on kitty quality time. In fact, Catffeinated also offers the opportunity to rent the cafe and Cat Lounge for special events, private parties and group meetings, and will be hosting activities such as Cats & Mats (yoga with cats), painting classes and special events for kids.

You’d imagine these business women to be animal lovers, considering their entrepreneurial endeavor. And so it is.

“I have two cats. Aspen is a two-year-old Snowshoe and Crash is a 15-week-old Bengal kitten. I also have a three-year-old mini French bulldog named Happy,” shares Kristi. And her business partner? “Melanie has a beagle-Boston terrier mix named Peaches.”

It may seem that running a cat cafe is all fun and games, but it takes a lot of work.

“Melanie is primarily responsible for the cafe and all things coffee, and I manage the Cat Lounge, marketing and special events,” says Kristi, adding, “Catffeinated’s cafe manager, Rachel, is a huge part of our daily operations and success.”

And all that work seems to be paying off. Whether you just want to spend your coffee break with a fuzzy feline or make a furever friend, Catffeinated is the place to be. 

As Kristi says, “Animals bring something to our lives that’s really special. We hope our guests feel joy and want to share this fun environment with other people.”

Catffeinated is located at 2515 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98406. For more information, visit the website.

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