Prep for Winter Weather With Advice From Boggs Inspection Services

If you’re anything like me, saying farewell to summer is a mournful time. But then the delights of sweater weather, crockpots of soup, fragrant spiced lattes, teeny-tiny Halloween candy and a crackling fireplace take over, and I’m happily buzzing into the holidays. As you settle into the cool dampness of autumn, doing a little routine cleaning and preventive maintenance on your home will keep it warm and dry until spring. George Green, manager at Boggs Inspection Services, offers a few tips and tricks that’ll make a world of difference.

Boggs Inspection Services technician inspecting a house behind some plants
With summer’s end, doing a little preventive maintenance on your yard goes a long way. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

A Seasonal Honey-Do List from Boggs Inspection Services

Boggs has long offered a home maintenance checklist broken down by month. With a few easy chores every few weeks, you can keep up with the workload and upkeep around your house. October’s duties can be done on a Saturday afternoon if you’re motivated. They include:

• Test sump pump
• Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces
• Rake leaves and debris from gutters
• Change furnace filters
• Turn off and flush outdoor water faucets
• Cover or store outdoor furniture
• Clean garbage disposal
• Clean and inspect chimney
• Ensure pipes are well insulated
• Check attic vents

Boggs Inspection Services technician looking at a house window from the inside.
Boggs Inspection Services will help keep your home warm and dry all winter long, thanks to their seasonal inspection checklist. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

But that’s not all. If you’ve recently moved or it’s been a few years since your last official inspection, Green recommends starting with a full inspection to get a feel for the overall health of the structure. “After that, an Annual Limited Exterior Inspection can be performed that would focus mainly on the weather-related portions of the home Such as the siding, roof, grounds and fences,” he adds.

Home Inspections Check the Places Homeowners Often Overlook

Green says that at Boggs, they typically see a few commonly overlooked elements. These include filter changes for your home’s HVAC system, gutter and roof cleaning, checking exterior caulk and landscaping plants away from the home. He suggests hiring an HVAC professional for system inspection. “They ensure that there are no issues that may arise during the different seasons when units are being run in different modes,” Green explains.

Boggs Inspection Services technician on the roof of a house
Boggs inspectors perform a thorough inspection, making sure moisture can’t enter and cause damage, rot or mold. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

The other items on his list address moisture, one of the most damaging forces to our homes, especially in the Pacific Northwest. “Always check caulking around trim such as windows and doors,” says Green. “Siding that may not have flashing behind joints would need to be caulked to prevent water from entering behind the exterior barriers. Cleaning gutters and downspouts as well as adding splash blocks under downspouts allows for water to shed properly from the structure.”

Boggs Will Look High and Low for Home Inspection Issues

You know fall has truly arrived when the air has the amazing smell of woodsmoke. However chimneys and fireplaces must be inspected and cleaned regularly to maintain safe usage.

At Boggs, they inspect both on a regular basis. Green says their team will look at the portions of the units that are physically available to them. “We will inspect the chimney on the exterior of the home looking at bricks, mortar, flashing, flues – when not obstructed – and screens,” he shares. “The fireplace will be inspected for defects relating to the interior of the firebox, hearth, damper and other workings. We do not operate wood-burning fireplaces but can operate and assess a gas-fired insert if it’s already operational.”

Boggs Inspection Services technician inspecting a fireplace
An inspection protects your greatest investment and keeps your family safe 365 days a year. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Other items that fall into the out-of-sight, out-of-mind category are shutting down and bleeding the lines of your yard’s irrigation system, covering exterior faucets and hose bibs, replacing or updating insulation in your attic and crawlspace, insulating water pipes and testing all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. “Any and all of these tasks will help keep your home in top shape for the cold months to come,” says Green.

Print out the entire handy Home Maintenance Checklist and keep your home in tip-top shape. But if there are issues or areas of concern, schedule an appointment with Boggs online or by calling 360.480.9602 today.

Residential or commercial, rental or your forever family home, their inspectors are happy to answer questions and will always provide you with a clear report of all findings and recommendations. They even offer specialty inspections, thermal imaging, detailed photos from the walk-through and can help find any needed contractors or repair services.

Now dig out your fuzziest socks, softest throw blankets, cocoa-making supplies and get ready to enjoy the holiday season warm, dry and protected from the elements thanks to Boggs Inspection Services.