Topside Coffee Cabin is a must-try destination on any visit to the cute and quaint town of Steilacoom. Established in 2014, recent renovations have expanded the space and transformed it into a waterfront oasis.

Just one more reason why Topside Coffee Cabin is so special! Right now, you can order a box of cupcakes or cookies for special celebrations! There are many options to choose from. Orders should be placed at least 48 hours in advance. New hours during mandatory closures are 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

The quaint shop is family-owned by husband and wife John and Niki O’Reilly. Photo credit: Emily Molina

Although you can’t linger long as the Cabin adjusts to continuing changes that ensure the safety of guests and staff, you can stop by and grab a coffee to go, or call ahead and one of the amazing baristas will deliver curbside. Help support small businesses and check out just what you have to look forward to! Call Topside Coffee Cabin today 253-244-7190.

Did I say ‘one more reason?’ Here is another, ask anyone, John and Niki O’Reilly, owners of Topside Coffee Cabin and Topside Restaurant are also really special. Giving back to the community is synonymous with its reputation. With such a huge outpouring of support from their patrons during this unprecedented time, they continue to do so.

Along with the Steilacoom Kiwanis Club, they have coordinated an event for children they are calling, “Operation Egg Drop.” Together they will spend the week stuffing eggs with candy and other prizes. Participating local families will leave their baskets at the end of their driveways or on their porch as volunteers crisscross the streets of Steilacoom stuffing them with egg-filled goodies. Of course, this will all be done while following state-mandated social distancing guidelines, as well as strict sanitary rules to ensure plastic eggs will be wiped down and sanitized before going out to the public. What a great treat for local kids!

The quaint shop is family-owned by husband and wife John and Niki O’Reilly of the successful upstairs eatery, Topside Restaurant. The anything-but-average coffee shop boasts delectable and fresh house-made pastries and baked goods, ice-cream, and even soups and sandwiches. They offer coffee, as well as teas and smoothies, not to mention stunning views of the Puget Sound from their outdoor patio.

Topside Pastries
Topside Coffee Cabin boasts delectable, fresh in-house made pastries, and baked goods daily. Photo credit: Emily Molina

The Coffee Cabin began as a sensible extension of the already flourishing Topside Restaurant above the coffee shop but saw success come a little slower. It took the couple some time to discover exactly what they wanted for the newly acquired downstairs space. In 2015, it was Niki O’Reilly who took the reins and introduced her elegant-yet-subdued style to what Topside Coffee Cabin has evolved into today. “We took that vision and really worked hard to achieve what we wanted,” she says.

The inviting atmosphere of this neighborhood meeting spot can be felt as soon as you enter the door. Speaking of doors, according to Niki, the inspiration for its décor came from an old door that you can now see in front of the store as a chalkboard sign.

With its relaxing hues of blue and beach cottage chic, which all tie in with the pale aqua-colored coffee making machine, its upscale yet comfortable vibe draws you in, lingering long after your cup is empty. “It’s not just about coffee,” says Niki. “It’s about the community, its people and making connections.” 

Topside Coffee Cabin
The stunning view of Puget Sound from Topside Coffee Cabin’s patio. Photo credit: Emily Molina

Besides restaurants and coffee houses, connections are something the O’Reillys are good at. They share a very symbiotic relationship with the Steilacoom community, always lending a helping hand and often hosting charitable events, fundraisers and local causes within the restaurant and coffee house. Seasonally, they offer cookie frosting events for the whole family. In the summer, they extend their hours to coincide with the weekly Wednesday afternoon Farmers Market.

Their support of local businesses and products is unparalleled as seen in many of the items they use and serve, such as the scrumptious all-natural ice cream hand-crafted by the South Sound-based Ice Cream Social, as well as an array of teas offered by another Tacoma favorite, The Mad Hat Tea Company.

Of course, it helps that they have the best baristas around. According to Niki, “It’s all about kindness.” In fact, the incredibly humble proprietors strive to hire only the friendliest of staff. It definitely shows in the kindness that is extended to their customers daily, creating the backdrop to a refined and welcoming culture. There’s even a small section to occupy the youngest of visitors with a little toy nook, along with a LEGO table, and drawing-board for young creative minds.

topside coffee cabin steilacoom
The beach cottage chic decor is upscale, yet has a comfortable vibe that draws you in. Photo credit: Emily Molina

With a 2017 expansion, the space more than doubled in size. The original section in the back half of the shop, The Ward Room, moonlights as a wine and small plates venue on Thursday through Saturday evenings, and flows out onto the side patio in the warmer months. There’s nothing better than sipping a good wine, and savoring flavorful bites with friends while breathing in the salt air.   

With an ever-changing menu created by local chef Rob Richard, who prepares a sophisticated array of regional offerings in the relaxed setting of the bar, it is quickly becoming a sunset refuge for the discernible 21 and up palate.

What does the future hold for Topside Coffee Cabin? According to the couple, “We are constantly researching, traveling and getting new ideas. We are continually evolving.”

Eventually, they would like to roast their own coffee beans, introduce live music to the venue, and without a doubt, continue to foster the relationships that make this place unique and special.

Steilacoom Coffee Shop
Even the coffee making machine is beautiful. Photo credit: Emily Molina

The writing is literally on the wall: “gratitude,” clearly a recurring theme encompassed by these hands-on business owners. “There’s a million places to go, and we’re so grateful our customers choose us,” says Niki.

A visit wouldn’t be complete without perusing the gift section where Topside Coffee Cabin tumblers, one-the-kind cards and unique Steilacoom items are available for purchase. There is also a grab-n-go case featuring wraps, salads and other healthy options for the road.    

Topside Coffee Cabin is located at 215 Wilkes St. in Steilacoom. View their menu here.

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