Throughout the Pacific Northwest, distilleries are found in all corners of the region. From the big cities to the rural countryside, there are operations of all sizes crafting amazing spirits. According to Washington Distillers Guild, Washington is home to more than 100 distilleries making everything from single malt whiskey to gin. We’re one of the top states in the nation for craft distilling. It’s a cause for celebration, so to help recognize our amazing local spirits you can take a sip with some Northwest distillers at Tacoma Distillery Festival this Saturday!

Tacoma Arts Live Tacoma Distillery Festival
You’ll enjoy taking sips at the Tacoma Distillery Festival with six free sip tokens that come with your tickets. Photo courtesy: Tacoma Arts Live

Tacoma Arts Live

Tacoma Arts Live, a local non-profit arts organization, is hosting the Tacoma Distillery Festival on Saturday, November 5, from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Tacoma Armory. They’ve been the host of many incredible shows, famous figures, and world-class artists over the years since they got their start back in 1918. Most recently, they presented Cirque Mechanics “Zephyr – A Whirlwind of a Circus” in October, which was a huge success, and they’re even more excited about the upcoming Tacoma Distillery Festival.

“The first (festival) was in 2019 pre-pandemic, so we are thrilled to be back in person again,” says Associate Executive Director of Tacoma Arts Live Lacey Wright. This will actually be the Tacoma Distillery Festival’s second year, as the 2019 event was the first annual festival to be held. Wright and the rest of the staff at Tacoma Arts Live look forward to many more years of this festival going forward now that things are getting back on track.

Tacoma Arts Live Tacoma Distillery Festival
Start your holiday shopping at the Tacoma Distillery Festival and grab a few bottles for gifts! Photo courtesy: Tacoma Arts Live

Tacoma Distillery Festival

Tickets are on sale for the event with an advance discount price of $45. Tickets on sale the day of the event will be $50, and designated drivers for the event get a discounted price of $10 for attending with their group. During the event, you’ll get a chance to sample spirits from Northwest distilleries as they quench your thirst with their delicious creations. Tickets come with six tasting tokens and a souvenir shot glass for you to enjoy samples.

Vendors are eager to showcase their premier products, and guests will even have a chance to meet the makers as they pursue the selections and discover their new favorite signature cocktail to purchase at the in-house bottle shop. These bottles are perfect mementos, and bringing them home just in time for the holidays is a real treat as they can be shared with friends and family during your holiday meal or be given as gifts.

So far, they’re anticipating about 300 guests to attend the event, and many favorite Northwest Distilleries are already scheduled to participate, including Chambers Bay Distillery, Copperworks Distilling Co., Kkada Caramel Liqueur, Mastrogiannia Distillery, Old Soldier Distillery, Pilot House Distilling, Pursuit Distilling Co., Quartz Mountain Distillers, Westland Distillery, Whidbey Island Distillery, and Wohlfert Craft Distilling.

With so many distillery options, those six tokens are sure to go fast, but not to worry! Additional tokens may be purchased during the event, so you can taste as many as you’d like. There will also be live music to enjoy as you meander around the venue in search of your next flavorful spirit.

Tacoma Arts Live Tacoma Distillery Festival
The drinks are ready to pour at this year’s second annual Tacoma Distillery Festival! Photo courtesy: Tacoma Arts Live

Drink for a Good Cause

Tacoma Distillery Festival is a benefit event to support Tacoma Arts Live’s Arts Access and Education programs. Already their nationally recognized education programs serve more than 55,000 students, teachers, and parents annually in the South Sound community. Aside from these outstanding good deeds, each year, they also work hard to take art opportunities into neighborhoods, provide over $100,000 in free tickets to events, and help underwrite community access to the historic Tacoma Armory that they call home.

What’s better than enjoying local spirits that can only be found here in our beloved home of the Pacific Northwest? Enjoy fabulous drinks while supporting the local community in the process. So, grab your tickets and don’t forget a designated driver — Tacoma Arts Live can’t wait to see you at their second annual Tacoma Distillery Festival!

Tacoma Arts Live
Tacoma Armory
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