Redfin’s Jessica Kammeyer Understands the Journey of Homeownership

U.S. homeownership stands at 65%, nearly unchanged since the 1960s. It’s an iconic part of the American dream, but homes are a major purchase and almost always come with a built-in to-do list for maintenance and upkeep. Choosing the right home at the right price for your family is important. Redfin broker Jessica Kammeyer understands both buying and selling. She works with Northwest families to find exactly the right fit. She also shares her knowledge of local partners like Boggs Inspection Services to protect what, for many, is the biggest financial transaction of their life.

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Redfin agent Jessica Kammeyer is a true Pacific Northwesterner. Born in Seattle and raised in Montana, she now calls Olympia both home and real estate office. Photo credit: Jessica Kammeyer

Redfin Broker Jessica Kammeyer is Passionate about the Pacific Northwest

Kammeyer’s a true Northwester and adores our emerald corner of the globe. Born in Seattle, she grew up in Montana. In 2002 she returned to Washington for a very simple reason. “The Pacific Northwest has always felt like home to me,” she says. “We settled in Olympia in 2017 and couldn’t be happier here. I love the small-town feel with the convenience of big city amenities close by.”

Working in real estate often calls for odd hours, typically when the buyer or seller is free after work and on weekends. But when she can squeeze it in, Kammeyer loves gardening. A certified WSU Master Gardener, she also volunteers with the Grays Harbor Master Gardeners. This allows her to work with them on the annual garden tour or help run the children’s booth at the annual Home & Garden Show in Elma. She’s also an avid DIYer and recently signed up to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity as they start construction of the new Tâlí?n Townhome Project.

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Kammeyer fell in love with real estate when she and her family were buying their first home. She now helps buyers and sellers across Western Washington. Photo credit: Jessica Kammeyer

Pacific Northwest House Hunting Led to a Thriving Career in Real Estate

Like many of us, Kammeyer’s career path followed the twists and turns of life. “After college and a brief stint in law school,” she recalls, “I had my first child who ended up having significant medical needs. So, for the next decade or so, I spent most of my time being a mom and managing the house while working part-time jobs from home. Real estate was something that I became interested in when we started the search for our first home in Seattle.”

And from day one, she was hooked. Kammeyer’s fascinated by the search, different styles of local architecture and how families make chosen spaces fit their unique needs. “It’s a very personal and emotional process for someone to buy a home or sell a home that they’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into, and I’m honored to be a part of that process,” she says. “I really enjoy every part of this job, from touring beautiful homes to writing contracts to negotiating to get the best possible deal for my client.”

Just before the pandemic, she obtained her license and transitioned her career into real estate. Two years ago, she joined Redfin and has been incredibly successful, having sold over 100 houses since then.

But Kammeyer is one of the lucky ones who found both a passion and a career in one. “I especially love working with first-time homebuyers because, even though it’s been over a decade since we purchased our first home, I still remember what a scary and overwhelming process that was and how thankful I was to have a trusted agent to guide me through it.”

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An avid volunteer, Kammeyer is a WSU Master Gardener and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, just to name a few. Photo courtesy: Jessica Kammeyer

South Sound Living

Kammeyer primarily works in Thurston County but has clients in Mason, Pierce and Grays Harbor as well. “the South Sound area is such an amazing place,” she says. “You can find a house to suit just about every want or need, from affordable condos to breathtaking waterfront estates and everything in between.”

Though the housing market can seem scary, Kammeyer partners with local talent to help families put down solid roots. She can introduce clients to mortgage brokers, home inspectors and others in the industry to make informed and educated choices.

And she stresses never to skip steps along the way. A home inspection, like those from Boggs Inspection Services, is tremendously important. “Even in the craziest markets, when buyers were waiving inspections left and right to win the bid, my advice has remained solid: always get an inspection! You just never know what might be wrong with a house unless you have a professional check it out.”

Many sellers never stick their head up into the attic or down into the crawlspace, she explains, so something like a plumbing leak under the house or a disconnected vent in the attic could go undetected for years, leading to serious damage that a buyer might unknowingly take on. Even if you don’t plan to ask the seller for repairs or concessions, it’s still a very valuable tool to have so that you can create a list and budget for items that will need to be addressed.

Dwayne Boggs appreciates working with pros like Kammeyer. “Working with Jessica is an absolute pleasure,” he says. “She is a true professional and a great advocate for her clients. She understands our scope of work as inspectors and communicates well with our team and her clients. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their corner.”

When you’re ready to buy or sell, upgrade or downsize, reach out via her webpage or call 206.734.2692 and let her know you saw the ThurstonTalk article! She’s happy to answer questions, explain trends, explore neighborhoods or suggest a next step for you and your family today. And when you’ve found that dream home, contact Boggs Inspection Services.