One of the most remarkable things about living in the South Sound is its unique climate. The dry summers, wet winters, and little snow accumulation help make it a relatively comfortable and temperate place to live. Unfortunately, it is also a perfect location for unwanted pests, especially commensal rodents, meaning rodents who “eat from one’s table and return nothing of worth.” That’s where Rambo Total Pest Control comes in.

Rambo Total Pest Control Tacoma
Western Washington is host to all three commensal rodents. Photo courtesy: Rambo Total Pest Control

“We live in an interesting (and busy) place for rodent activity,” explains Christopher Somers, A.C.E. (Associate Certified Entomologist) and Service Manager at Rambo Total Pest Control. “Most areas don’t have to deal with well-established populations of all three of these species. Western Washington definitely does. Commensal rodents include the species commonly referred to as the Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus), the Roof Rat (Rattus rattus) and the House Mouse (Mus musculus). All three of these species depend on human activity to survive and thrive. Our shelter, our food and, in many instances, our water are what these species of rodents are after. They’ve been perfecting their craft of obtaining it from us for as long as we have been producing it. And they’ve been very successful in dialing it all in.”

Rambo Total Pest Control Tacoma
Sometimes, outdoor cleanup can help alleviate pests from coming indoors. Photo courtesy: Rambo Total Pest Control

Help is Here With Rambo Total Pest Control

“When thinking about control strategies for rodents (and many other pests),” continues Somers. “I tell people to think of a stool. The pest is sitting on the stool. All three legs represent a resource: food, water, and shelter. If they have all those resources, they’ll be able to sit comfortably and well supported. However, if you kick a leg out from that stool, it’ll topple over — the pest with it.”

According to their website, “In February of 2007, Luke Rambo and his wife Tera established Rambo Total Pest Control after spending the previous five years learning the pros and cons of other pest control companies. They wanted to create a culture in which employees could feel empowered and proud to be pest management professionals while providing excellent pest control results and an unmatched service experience to our customer base. Discipline, follow-through and honesty are core values here.”

To make this work, they focus on locality, customer service, and a high emphasis on training the staff. “Many pest management companies have switched over to using call centers to answer incoming business,” Somers explains. “But when a customer calls us, they speak to an actual employee of Rambo Total Pest Control — someone that lives, works, shops and dines around the Puget Sound region. So not only are you getting the right information about pests in this region, but you’re also getting it from someone attached to and with a stake in the local community.”

When contacting Rambo Total Pest Control, expect a high level of professionalism. “Over the phone, we’ll get some information on what’s occurring and provide some basic information about our pest control processes,” shares Somers. “Once a client schedules, we send out a licensed Pest Control Technician to inspect the home for pest activity, evidence and the conducive conditions that pests might be using to thrive on site. Then, we solidify a plan to deal with our client’s site-specific pest population and communicate it clearly and honestly. In most instances, we can start the control program right then and there to start working on evicting the unwanted pests.”

Rambo Total Pest Control Tacoma
Rambo Total Pest Control puts a high emphasis on training for the best results. Photo courtesy: Rambo Total Pest Control

What to Do About Unwanted Pests From the Experts at Rambo Total Pest Control

When it comes to mitigating these unwanted pests prior to a potential infestation, Somers offers two suggestions to avoid having a problem in the first place. It begins with reducing or removing the conditions that make a home or business attractive to pests.

“Remove food sources such as bird and wildlife feeders,” advises Somers. “Don’t feed animals on the exterior of a home. Make sure your garbage is secured in the dumpster. Clean your barbeques and empty out the grease traps regularly. Fix gaps under garage doors and repair damaged vent screens. If you have standing water that can be removed/dealt with, do so.”

The second is to consult a pest management professional to provide additional support. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” says Somers. “Maintenance and prevention are much cheaper than addressing an established pest issue and its potential damages, especially when thinking about rodents that could damage your crawlspace, attic, plumbing, electrical wires and vehicles.”

Rambo Total Pest Control Tacoma
Rodent infestations can lead to costly home repairs. Photo courtesy: Rambo Total Pest Control

Rambo Total Pest Control Gives Back to the Community

The folks at Rambo Total Pest Control are also no strangers to doing their part to help the community. Aside from donations to various causes and sponsoring a few local Little Leagues, they also pick a client in need every month to provide some level of support.

“It might be as simple as providing a free service in a time of financial need,” explains Somers. “Or it might be major clean-up efforts in a person’s yard or garage that isn’t able to tackle the project on their own. It’s a good way to help improve someone’s quality of life and reduce some of their pest concerns all at the same time. And since our technicians build up good relationships with their clients, they all feel amazing having done something special and impactful. It’s very cool to see and take part in!”

So, if you find yourself housing some unwanted pests, Rambo Total Pest Control has got you covered. Based in Puyallup and operating primarily in Pierce, King, and Thurston Counties, their services include rats, mice, ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, and a variety of other insects that can become problematic.

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