2019 Ernsdorff Science Building Dedication

Saint Martin’s University Dedicates STEM Complex Building to Two Longtime Educators

On a beautifully sunny day in May, family members of Father Bede Ernsdorff, O.S.B. and Father Placidus Reischman, O.S.B. gathered with faculty, students, donors,...
Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain at sea

Aberdeen’s Top 10 Instagram Hotspots

By now, we all know the craze and sometimes obsession that Instagrammers put into capturing the perfect photo to post to their coveted social...


Featured Business

Procare Lucille and Alanna

Alanna Hines Finds Success With Help From ProCare Academy of Washington

It’s time for congratulations. Alanna Hines will be receiving her nursing degree from Pierce College before summer arrives. One of her most enthusiastic supporters...
Mother and teen daughter counseling session

Kaiser Permanente Offers Tips for Parents on Helping Teens With Their...

When talking about mental health, it’s important to remember there’s no shame or weakness for seeking help. That bit of advice goes for anyone,...


B&I Tacoma

B&I Public Marketplace: Animals, Oddities, Celebrities

Walking down the hallways of the B&I shopping center in South Tacoma is akin to staring into the eyes of an aging rock star....
Linda Hazzard

Starvation Therapy: The Strange Case of Linda Hazzard

Followers of health trends have heard about the concept of fasting. People skip meals or go hungry for a few days as a way...



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