Farmers Insurance Provides Jobs for Veterans


farmers insurance jobs
Al Schilling, Farmers Insurance District Office 10 Executive Recruiter, is a retired veteran with more than 20 years of service.

Are you a retired, wounded veteran or member of the national guard or reserve who is ready to start your civilian career? For non-active members of the military and their spouses, making the transition back into civilian life can be difficult enough without the added stress of job hunting. You possess valuable skills and experience, but finding a career that matches those talents can be challenging.

Farmers Insurance, one of the largest and most respected insurance companies in the United States, recognizes the value that veterans have to offer, which is why Farmers encourages non-active military members to kick-start their civilian careers with a job in the insurance industry.

Because Farmers Insurance “hires for attitude, and trains for skills,” Farmers knows that veterans are natural-born leaders who possess the determination and perseverance necessary to work in the rewarding field of insurance. With unique corporate and claims opportunities, finding a career that matches your lifestyle is easy.

Alec Lewis, District Manager at Farmers Insurance District Office 10 in University Place, Wash., encourages non-active military members interested in building their civilian success from the ground up to consider becoming an agency owner with Farmers. As an agency owner, you are your own boss. You run your own agency out of the location of your choice.  You hire, train and manage your own staff, you create your own schedule, and make the income you want based on Farmers unlimited income potential opportunities.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, hold on to your hat, because it gets even better. Farmers is currently seeking non-active military individuals from every branch of service to become agency owners with Farmers Insurance. As an incentive, Farmers is providing military veterans interested in becoming agency owners with generous benefit programs that include everything from paid internship training designed to prepare you for success, to a start-up bonus after you have completed training to help you launch your agency, stress free.

Al Schilling is District Office 10’s Executive Recruiter. As the former Recruiting and Retention Superintendent for the Washington Air Guard, Schilling recognizes people of potential when he sees them. And, as a retired veteran with more than 20 years of service under his belt, Schilling also knows firsthand the benefit of starting a career with Farmers Insurance.

farmers insurance jobs
Schilling works hard to match non-active military members with rewarding careers with Farmers Insurance.

Passionate about helping veterans successfully transition into civilian careers, Schilling works hard to match non-active military members with rewarding career opportunities available through Farmers. And, while a career in insurance isn’t for everyone, Schilling explains that people with a military background already have what it takes to be successful in the field. “It takes a certain type of person to hear the word ‘no’ or deal with challenging customers. For people with a military background, they’ve been yelled at, they’ve endured challenging situations. We know we can mold them into good agents.”

For veterans who decide that a career as a Farmers Insurance agency owner could be right for them, Schilling invites them to go online and apply, or come into the office for an in-person consultation. Once you’ve been accepted to move forward and begin your journey toward becoming an agency owner, you will start your 18-month training at the District Office in University Place. Here, you will receive all the support, training and tools you need to start your very own franchise, successfully. The only difference is that, for veterans, there’s no startup cost. Once you’ve completed 18 months of training, Farmers will provide you with further subsidies to help you open your business, including money that can be used for marketing to help grow your name in the community. But don’t worry, even after the financial assistance ends, the District Office will always be there to provide you with support and guidance.

Farmers Insurance makes it easy and accessible for anyone with a passion to work in the insurance field. But, with a strong desire to support the hardworking men and women who risked their lives to defend our country, Farmers is reaching out to veterans with special incentives in hopes that non-active military members can find the transition into a civilian career easy and rewarding with Farmers. “It’s Farmers way of giving back to the military. It’s not a job, it’s a career – just like they had in the military,” says Schilling.

Interested in finding out more information about Farmers Insurance’s Military Transition program? Visit Farmers Insurance District Office 10’s website here, or reach out to Schilling directly by calling him at 253-212-0431.


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