Submitted by The Blue Octopus

A self-starter brings original experience to Point Ruston with the grand opening of art gallery and champagne bar The Blue Octopus. Six years ago owner Kerry Cole was the first to offer Tacoma a unique idea pairing wine with a painting class when she opened her doors at Sanford and Son.

Since opening, The Blue Octopus moved locations a few times, first to St. Helens in downtown Tacoma and later on Pearl Street in Ruston. In 2014, Cole participated in Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise program where she received additional entrepreneur training and support. Even though she had owned her art business for over 15 years, she says the experience was worth it even if a space never came available. However, Spaceworks was able to find and negotiate a studio location for The Blue Octopus on Pearl, close to the neighborhood Cole wanted to reach: “I was afforded the opportunity to grow my business in a way that wouldn’t have happened without this program.”

Blue Octopus Tacoma
Cole hopes that with this most recent move The Blue Octopus will find a permanent home on Tacoma’s waterfront. Photo courtesy: Blue Octopus

Now Cole is excited to bring the party to the vibrant new neighborhood at Point Ruston. In their two-story space, The Blue Octopus will host weekly painting parties and offer home décor including fine art by Cole. Their first and only Champagne bar in the region will also feature European-style beer and wine as well as weekly live music sessions.

Art classes at Blue Octopus are $35 and included with the cost is your first glass of wine or beer, a 12×12 or 16×20 canvas, paint brushes to use, a 2-hour interactive painting class, paint and inspirational images.

Cole hopes that with this move The Blue Octopus will find a permanent home on Tacoma’s waterfront. Join the Grand Opening celebrations of the new location on February 10th, 5-11pm with special pricing, tastings, and of course art, all for attendees over 21. The studio is open regular hours Monday to Thursday 10am-10pm, Friday and Saturday at 10am-11pm, and Sundays 11am-7pm.