As 2018 begins, it’s a good time to review the highlights of 2017 here at SouthSoundTalk. From which posts our readers most loved, to what people think of us, to how much we’ve grown, here’s a roundup of what made 2017 yet another amazing year for our continually growing community social network.

Thank you for being a part of our Pierce County community – for reading, contributing and giving back so we can share your uplifting stories.

Top 10 most-read stories of 2017

Our top 10 stories from 2017 include plenty of things to do, local history and places to eat.

  1. 20 Free Things to do with Your Kids in the South Sound
  2. Point Ruston Eats – Amazing Restaurants in Tacoma’s Newest Waterfront Location
  3. Go Whale Watching at Point Defiance
  4. 5 Nature Hikes Within a Short Drive of Tacoma
  5. The Country’s Worst Streetcar Accident Took Place in Tacoma
  6. Tacoma’s Food Trucks – Where to Find Them and Trucks to Check Out
  7. A History of Skiing at Crystal Mountain
  8. Tragedy Transforms Community as Tacoma Residents Reimagine Eastside
  9. I’ll Bite: Tacoma Chili Parlor Brings a Taste of Cincinnati to South Sound
  10. T-Town is Buzzing on Tibbitts@FernHill

Top search terms that brought readers to SouthSoundTalk

Search terms are words people type into search engines. We keep an eye on what brings our readers to our site so we can better serve up more of what you love to read. The search terms below are our top searches for the year and show that our readers love coming to us to find things to do and places to go in Tacoma and surrounding Pierce County cities.

  • Things to do in Tacoma
  • Date Ideas Tacoma
  • Point Ruston Restaurants
  • Best Breakfast in Tacoma
  • Tacoma Happy Hours
  • Tacoma Brunch
  • Day Trips from Tacoma
  • Fun Things to do in Tacoma at Night

Quotes from readers on social media

I really appreciate the work SouthSoundTalk puts into its stories about events and activities in Tacoma/Greater Pierce County area. Whenever I am looking for something new to do, I can find great suggestions on your site. Keep up the good work! – Tony F.

I love your beautiful pics and highlights of interesting places. But I absolutely love the profiles of people and local businesses. – Susan H.

I enjoy learning and then sharing the history of the area where I live. I like finding out about events that are upcoming, so that I can go out and be a part of my community. – Linda D.

Our writers favorite stories from 2017

Our writing team includes more than 10 paid, professional local contributors. We asked them what their favorite stories from 2017 were and here are a few of the highlights:

My favorite article from this year was the Pierce Transit article I wrote about the old Twin Coach bus. As a writer, I had so much fun listening to the stories everyone at Pierce Transit had to tell about the restored bus. There is so much history and love surrounding The Twin and it was great to feel like a part of the moment in time. – Shelby Beckwith

So my personal favorite articles that I wrote were Whale Watching at Point Defiance and the History of Skiing at Crystal Mountain. The whale watching one was fun to write, as it helped let more people know just how great of a region for whale watching Point Defiance is. I had many people thank me for writing this, as they got to see a whale for the first time from the park. That was really cool! – Douglas Scott

Gale Hemmann’s story about Golden Acres and the good work that Tacoma students are doing through this program warms my heart. I so wish that I’d been a part of something like this, and I love Gale for sharing stories like this with our community. I know I go fangirl on Steve every year, but I really look forward to reading his pieces! My favorite stories this year are two of his more recent ones – Tacoma’s Rust Mansion (I love this sort of thing!) and the story about the Ferry Kalakala. – Mariah Beckman

To see all our writers’ favorite stories, read more here.

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