At the Silver Cloud Hotel Tacoma Point, things are about to get curiouser and curiouser. On May 13, A Step Ahead in Pierce County (ASAPC) hosts the 14th Annual Gala and Charity Auction titled “A Step Ahead: An Evening in Wonderland.”  This year is based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” so expect your time to be… a little mad.

A Step Ahead Pierce County
Nhyla Wallace receives an in-home therapy session with ASAPC. Photo courtesy: A Step Ahead Pierce County

A Step Ahead Helps Many in Pierce County

Founded in 2001 by Candy Watkins, A Step Ahead in Pierce County primarily focuses on children with developmental delays from birth to three years old. They help to provide a wide range of resources, including many home-based services such as special education teachers, speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, infant mental health services, and vision services.

“ASAPC is a birth to three non-profit agency that serves a large portion of Pierce County,” explains David Pozolinski, executive director of ASAPC. “We help children with developmental delays ‘catch-up.’ We use a parent coaching approach which enables us to ask the caregiver what kind of assistance they would like from us and their priorities for their child. Our providers will use that information to demonstrate techniques and activities to help their child move forward and invite the caregiver to participate and try some of the activities demonstrated. Our providers are only in the home one hour a week, so it is very important for us to encourage the caregiver to continue these activities throughout the week.”

A Step Ahead in Pierce County
TwinStar and ASAPC share a common goal in their efforts for a better community. Photo courtesy: A Step Ahead in Pierce County

TwinStar Credit Union is Honored to Support ASAPC

TwinStar Credit Union is one of the proud sponsors of A Step Ahead in Pierce County’s “An Evening in Wonderland Annual Gala and Charity Auction,” and for a good reason. Scott Leingang, director of mortgage sales at TwinStar, also happens to be the Board President of ASAPC. “I talked to the director at the time, Candy Watkins, along with the president,” recalls Leingang. “After hearing the mission and seeing the work being done, I knew I was 100% in! As my tenure on the board grew, I began to develop into more of a leadership role. A primary focus of mine is getting ASAPC’s name out in the community as much as possible so others can see the great work the organization provides to children and families in need.”

 “We are particularly excited about our partnership and ASAPC for several reasons,” adds Corinn Wohl, director of community engagement for TwinStar. “The work they do is so important. Providing early intervention to help children with developmental delays is vital. By providing interventions at the child’s home offers additional opportunities to practice important functional skills and capitalize on natural learning opportunities. TwinStar is honored to support ASAPC and play even a tiny role in the difference they make in the lives of these children and their families.”

The synergy between the ASAPC and TwinStar is not hard to see. “TwinStar is all about our membership,” explains Leingang. “ASAPC is all about the families! The overall theme of both places syncs up, which makes for a great partnership. Management discussions at the credit union are focused on how we can enhance the member experience. Board discussions at ASAPC are focused on how we can enhance the family/child experience. Listening to feedback allows for staff to provide us with a sense of what is happening ‘in the trenches.’  They are the heroes that deal with our families on a daily basis, and the board takes that to heart.”

A Step Ahead in Pierce County
Journey down the rabbit hole for dinner, games, auctions, and more! Photo courtesy: A Step Ahead in Pierce County

Get Your Tickets Now for A Step Ahead in Pierce County’s Annual Gala and Charity Auction

Beginning promptly at 5 p.m. on May 13, this Mad Hatter Tea Party encourages everyone to dress as their favorite fictional character or “mad, foolish attire.”  

So dress to impress the Queen of Hearts

Put on a Cheshire grin

Be sure you get your tickets early

Or she will not let you in

“Attendees can expect lots of ways to donate to ASAPC to fund our CARES fund,” says Pozolinski. “This fund covers any uncompensated care. If families are unable to pay due to a lack of insurance or their insurance running out of payable visits, we cover those costs with our CARES fund. In the almost 23 years we have been in business, we have never turned away a family because they could not pay for services. We’ll also be providing information about the services we provide and the stories of some of the past families that we have served. Attendees will also see Alice in Wonderland-themed characters, a magician, games, a silent auction, a live auction, and a delicious dinner.”

The folks at the Silver Cloud Hotel Tacoma Point, located at 5125 Grand Loop in Ruston offer special rates for those planning to follow the rabbit hole well into the evening. Booking a room can be done here. It must also be noted that tickets will not be sold after April 30, so if you want to make this date, don’t be late. Tickets for A Step Ahead in Pierce County’s “An Evening in Wonderland” on May 13 can be purchased here.