Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy Provides Low-Impact Rehab for Lower Body Injuries With Advanced Technology AlterG Treadmill

Recovering from an injury is no easy feat, and while physical therapy makes all the difference, it can still prove challenging and painful at times throughout your treatment. Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy in Lacey is always seeking new technology and medical advancements to support their plans and programs. With the AlterG Treadmill, Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy sees amazing strides in their patients as they regain confidence and mobility without the impact of standard equipment. Coupled with exceptional care and industry-leading physical therapy, the AlterG Treadmill is a game-changer when it comes to rehabilitating lower body injuries.

Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy
Hunter Sipe runs in the AlterG following an ankle sprain. Photo courtesy: Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy

Physical Therapy with Low-Impact AlterG Treadmill

Traditional treadmills serve a simple and helpful purpose by providing lower-impact indoor walking and running solutions. Unfortunately, this technology does not provide much relief for those recovering from an injury. The AlterG Treadmill mimics the basic mechanical functions of a standard treadmill while removing the weight-bearing element. It uses air pressure to support patients while they use it, which reduces stress and pain through the legs. “The machine calibrates by weighing the patient and can accurately adjust the weight-bearing load you want to use for that particular person,” explains Physical Therapist & Clinic Director Kristina Pittman. “Within 30 seconds, we can set the amount we want the patient to walk and run with.”

This kind of development is a huge benefit to anyone experiencing a lower-body injury. Knee injuries, ankle injuries, and fractures can cause an immense amount of pain and discomfort during recovery, so walking and running becomes burdensome and discouraging for many patients. This allows patients, especially runners, to still work on their cardiovascular endurance without having to start with their full weight. “In the surgery and recovery process, this is a nice stepping stone,” says Kristina. “The mental side of recovery can be tough for people, so we can slowly increase their level of comfortability and confidence so they can return to whatever activity, hobby, or sport they like more safely.”

Recovering from an injury can be an uphill battle, but with the AlterG Treadmill, patients can find relief and work toward their mobility goals with less stress and pain.

Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy
Anna Hidle runs in the AlterG after an Achilles tendon repair. Photo courtesy: Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy

Work on Mobility at Your Own Pace with Inspire Physical Therapy in Lacey

Many patients are quite curious about the machine when they come in and report that it feels extremely natural after using it. In order for the machine to properly manage the weight-bearing load, specific shorts have to be worn over your clothing, but other than that, walking on the AlterG feels mechanically the same. The best part about this experience is the relief patients feel when they use the machine. “Most people don’t realize how much offloading of their weight has occurred until the treadmill turns off,” Kristina shares. “People say they feel much heavier after, but during, they feel very natural and relieved.” After experiencing discomfort in regular movement, the AlterG Treadmill truly provides a space for patients to take a huge weight off, both physically and mentally.

Even if you are not rehabbing an injury, you may still be interested in the benefits of using this advanced, high-level equipment. Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy provides the option for community members to pay for per-time use of the AlterG Treadmill outside of a standard plan of care as a part of their personal training regimen. “We see people regularly incorporating it as a lighter running day where they can work on cardio and save the legs,” Kristina shares. No referral is needed in order to book this personal use of the AlterG Treadmill, and appointments can be made over the phone for increments of either 30 minutes or 60 minutes with a cash-pay option.

Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy
Jenna Randich works on returning to running with the use of the AlterG following an ACL repair. Photo courtesy: Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy

When the AlterG is incorporated into the physical therapy treatment plan with a physical therapist, sessions and use can be covered with the use of health insurance under many accepted plans at Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy. Currently, the AlterG therapy modality is only available at their Lacey location, which is a convenient place for Thurston County residents to get started on their care. Whether you are looking to utilize it for personal fitness and training or need support in regaining mobility, the AlterG Treadmill is a great option to promote better movement and confidence. “In all users, we have witnessed a major difference in recovery,” Kristina says. “The confidence this allows people to regain has really helped people to prepare to run over ground again or return to sport.”

Experience Relief in Recovery at Inspire Physical Therapy

Finding the right treatment for your physical therapy and rehabilitation can be daunting, but at Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy, you can trust you will be taken care of with compassion and expertise. Through their exceptional team and industry-leading technology like the AlterG Treadmill, Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy gives you the support you need to rehabilitate an injury. Call today to book your appointment and hit the ground running in your personal physical therapy plan.

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