Join Boggs Inspection Services Wearing a Gold Ribbon for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Since 2012, this has been an opportunity to gather as a nation and honor children and survivors of pediatric cancer as well as raise money for research. St. Jude Children’s Hospital says that childhood cancers are still the leading cause of death by disease for kids under 14, but working together gives us the best chance of discovering a cure.

To help, Boggs Inspection Services donates $5 from each commercial, residential or specialty inspection during the month of September to the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation. Owner Dwayne Boggs is a cancer survivor himself and knows the power of community when it comes to tackling the immense challenges of this disease.

Boggs Inspection Services
For the month of September, Boggs Inspection Services will donate a portion of each inspection to the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation. Photo courtesy: Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation

Boggs Inspection Services Dedicates September to Childhood Cancer Awareness

Data from the National Cancer Institute says that nearly 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some time during their life. This was recently true for Dwayne Boggs, who initially beat cancer in 2021. Ana Ramirez, his wife and the company’s Operations Director explains that he “had another cancer scare at the beginning of this year. He had a tonsillectomy and several biopsies completed. We are extremely happy to share that all results have come back negative. He is cancer-free, and we’re grateful to celebrate life together! One of my favorite quotes right now is by Stuart Scott: You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

To show their gratitude, the Boggs family and business have been longstanding supporters of the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation and other charities that benefit the community they serve and service. Giving back is as important to them as ensuring your first, last or forever home is safe and secure…businesses too.

Boggs Inspection Services
The Henley Foundation provides gifts and services to families with kids undergoing cancer treatment. Items like tablets and gaming systems, musical instruments, backyard toys and shopping sprees. Photo courtesy: Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation

The Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation Honors Those Touched by Childhood Cancer

While it touches all of our lives, when cancer impacts a child, it’s even more heartbreaking. Rachel Lynn Henley was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer at age 14 and passed away in her early 20s. During treatment, she and her family started this Foundation to raise money for research and support for similar families and especially children battling cancer.

To date, the Henley Foundation has delivered more than 1,500 buddies—stuffed animals to help kids feel better—and raised more than $750,000 towards the cause. One special gift, the namesake Rachel’s Hugs, are targeted donations to specific children, which make their cancer journey just a little easier.

These gifts include gaming systems and tablets, musical instruments, bedroom makeovers, backyard play equipment and shopping sprees. Social workers at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital find potential applicants, and the Henley Foundation works with their families to determine exactly what types of special treats would be best before planning the perfect celebration.

Boggs Inspection Services
Give what you can to the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation directly, through a Boggs inspection, the Washington State Combined Fund drive or other matching employer portals. Every little bit helps. Photo courtesy: Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation

Help, Give, Support and Share to End Childhood Cancer

There are many ways to contribute to the Foundation’s mission. Schedule a home inspection by calling Boggs at 360.480.9602 today or booking online. You can also donate directly to the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation and spread the word with Foundation merchandise.

To give on a more regular basis, the Foundation works with several donor businesses that match contributions. These include the State of Washington’s Combined Fund Drive, Boeing, Microsoft, Weyerhaeuser, Macy’s, Google, Nike and others. Email to find out if your company is one of those special few.

Want to help, plus get in some amazing outdoor family fun? Consider signing up for the Foundation’s FootGolf and Golf 2023 tournament, Kicking and Swinging for Smiles! This year’s takes place on September 10 at Tacoma’s Meadow Park Golf Course. Sign-up forms and additional information can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Every contribution helps, even small ones. The American Cancer Society estimates nearly 10,000 children will be diagnosed in 2023. Thanks to research and medical advances, the five-year survival rate for children has grown from 58% to 85%. Read about very real kids helped by the Henley Foundation and give if you can. Families know that even a little gift brings smiles and healing laughter during times of tremendous stress and anxiety. Whether a teddy bear or an iPad, helping kids feel better takes many forms and requires the whole community to succeed.