SouthSoundTalk Writers Pick Favorite Stories from 2015

Throughout the past year, has shared countless stories about the people, businesses and organizations that make Pierce County such a vibrant place to live, work and play. To commemorate 2015,’s writers have selected its favorite articles from the past year to share with you, our valued readers. Take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy reading through some of these favorite articles from 2015.

Mariah Beckman

Favorite article (tie): Lovely Locations for Saying “I Do” in the South Sound
Author: Margo Greenman

You just have to skim Pinterest to know that every woman loves thinking about weddings — even ladies who have already tied the knot. Their wedding, their sister’s wedding, their friend from work who they only talked to occasionally before her save-the-dates began to circulate — any wedding is fun to dream about. But most of us are overwhelmed with options when it comes time to making the plans, and that’s why Margo’s article was so awesome. All of those venues are beautiful, and her piece had all the info a girl could want to narrow her choices down to a top three worthy of brunch-time deliberation.

Favorite article (tie): Rediscovering Pierce County Ghost Towns
Author: Steve Dunkelberger

You know what’s cool? History. Or at least it is when Steve Dunkelberger’s telling it. I love it when I learn something new, unexpected or quirky about the ordinary places that I thought I knew. That’s what I get every time I read through one of Steve’s articles. This one in particular inspired me to get out and explore the South Sound, and I think that’s what every good story should do.

Carly Calabrese

Favorite story: JBLM Military Spouse Michelle Gainey ‘Goes Gourmet’ with New Cookbook
Author: Sonia Garza

“Michelle’s story was inspiring! She had both her parents die at a young age, but she was encouraged by her stepfather to cook, and I love her — she’s a super woman doing it all (wife, mother, author, and doing private tastings). I am a big foodie and enjoy writing so I especially liked this article.”

Steve Dunkelberger

Favorite story: Chambers Bay Before There was Golf
Author: Steve Dunkelberger

“I just love diving into the history of places to find the quirky stories of  the various uses a building or location had over the years, even in such a relatively young area of the world.”

Sonia Garza

Favorite story: JBLM Military Spouse Michelle Gainey ‘Goes Gourmet’ with New Cookbook
Author: Sonia Garza

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle and there have only been a rare few people in my life that make an impression right from the start. She was so easy to relate to and down to earth. I felt as though I had known her for years. She has a gift and a way about her that makes everyone feel welcome, and that truly comes through in her book. I enjoyed writing about her and learning from her because she’s an inspiration to all military wives — even if she doesn’t know it. I think she’s deserving of being praised. 

Margo Greenman, Associate Editor

Favorite story: Meet Your Local Sign-Stress, Monica Worden
Author: Shelby Taylor

Shelby’s story about Monica Worden is a perfect example of how connects its readers to the community. Monica is a life-long Tacoma resident who has transitioned from slinging beers to creating beautiful signage across the city. But this local artist is no elitist. She’s a community member, just like you and me. Stories like Shelby’s help connect readers to their community and their neighbors by providing a meaningful look into the people, businesses and organizations that make Pierce County such a vibrant place to live, work and play.

Kristin Knudson

My favorite story isn’t really a story, but it’s my favorite content on the website to date: SouthSoundTalk Seeking Freelance Writers Around Tacoma

Moving home after over fifteen years away, I felt like a stranger and out of place. But pairing my love for writing with community features helped foster a new relationship in addition to my memories. 

RC Victorino

Favorite story: Unleash Your Inner Cyclist at Tacoma’s Handlebar Cycling Studio
Author: RC Victorino

Although I exercise regularly, I’m always on the hunt for new and creative ways to get my sweat on. I was pleasantly surprised with the unique approach to spin class offered by the Handlebar Cycling Studio. They know how to make working out fun!

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